Help Colic & Child Health w/ Chiropractic

“Happy baby! Thanks to the Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca! At around 4 weeks, this beautiful newborn, Sevena, seemed to almost stop pooping completely! She would go days, almost a week without pooping, and she also suddenly seemed quite colicky and unhappy. At the suggestion of my awesome midwife Monica, I brought her in to the chiropractor. I have been receiving life-saving care from the Spinal Wellness Center for over 7 years. (OMG time flies!!)… So although my midwife suggested a chiropractor that specialized in babies and pregnancy, I opted to bring my baby to the Spinal Wellness Center. At her appointment Dr. Pierre was so gentle, it didn’t seem like he did much at all, but what a difference it made! Sevena was having regular bowel movements again within a week, and happier than ever. She even began laughing and smiling, at what seemed like a really young age! Thank you, Dr. Pierre, and everyone at the spinal wellness center for all the amazing healing work you do every day. Living proof that you are never too young to receive holistic health care esp. ABC™ chiropractic ♡♡♡”