Lasting results on MS

Dear Pierre,

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Advanced Biostructural Correction. After being diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in Feb. 2000, I sought help from various alternative therapies.  Some were/are very helpful, others just expensive with little or no improvement.  This specific ABC chiropractic technique has proven to be most beneficial.  I received adjustments 3 times weekly with immediate results.  The results varied as do the symptoms but I got relief each time and this included relief of pain, improvement with my shortness of breath, vertigo and dizziness.  Over time I was able to see improvements in my posture, my balance and overall well being.

I did this for 6 months but then moved to NC and can’t find anyone who practices this technique.   I notice the negative effects and hope to be able to continue these treatments very soon.  I visited home for the holiday and thank you and Rich for fitting me in on short notice, again the results were immediate and very beneficial.  Most apparent to me are the long lasting results of time invested in this treatment.  I wish you and all other MS patients continued success in overcoming the challenges of this poorly understood disease.  Again thank you for your help, interest and support.

Best regards,

Thank you for letting me know you received my note.  I thought more about this on the drive home to NC and realized I left out some important pieces of information; at least they are to me.  As you know I am a nurse and my world revolves around documentation, teaching and insurance.  Your documentation is excellent! Thank you for taking that kind of time and interest each week.

The thermal scan results, pictures, notes by me, you and the others involved were so beneficial and I don’t think the average patient realizes how much until they need it.    Not only did my insurance cover some of my treatments, but as a patient I could follow my progress in pictures and in notes, mine and yours.  This reminded me of the benefits and that I did make the right choice on the days when it was a bit painful or just a bad MS kind of day.  If you also feel this is helpful, please add it.  So many are held back because of insurance issues, misperceptions or misinformation, they need to know.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, I’ll be in touch.

Best regards,

Jacki, RN