Written Testimonials

My greatest joy is helping people re-connect to their health, watching the changes and listening to their stories. Here are some recent ones from our office. Please understand that although these stories are typical, each individual and each condition is unique. People recover at different rates. YOUR individual process will start with your spinal examination.


Doug D.

“There is an old saying ‘it’s not the age, it’s the mileage’. Well to put it simply, my back has lots of mileage. I’m a US Marine combat veteran with 11 years of service. I spent six summers in Alaska commercial fishing, and I even did a little time as a cowboy in Wyoming. None of these jobs are easy on the spine and by my mid-thirties I was headed down a path of pain and suffering.

Throughout my adult life I have used chiropractic care to relieve some of my pain, but never was a chiropractor able to fix my spine until I came to the Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca. Dr. Pierre and Dr. Jason have been amazing. They are true professionals who pride themselves in creating healthy spines that lead to happy and healthy lives. The big difference is their approach to spinal care. Advanced BioStructural Correction is a cutting edge technique that actually addresses the core issues of spinal alignment rather than treating symptoms.

If you are looking for a long-term solution to your spinal issues and not simply a temporary pain reduction, you need to check out the Spinal Wellness Center.”


Kate I.

“I began coming to the Spinal Wellness Center in February of 2013. I was at first skeptical and hesitant of how ABC chiropractics could help me, but after a couple of adjustments I was amazed at the results. I came to the Spinal Wellness Center because I was struggling with upper back pain from playing the viola for over 15 years. I also struggled with daily aches and pains, as I led a high stress life as a graduate student at Ithaca College, as well as working three jobs. I had come to accept that this discomfort and pain was something I was going to have to deal with for the rest of my life, but Dr. Pierre promised me I was going to be able to have a better body, straighter spine, and no more pain or discomfort when playing.

I am proud to say that since February I have lost 10 pounds, solely from receiving ABC chiropractic adjustments. I no longer have daily aches and pains, and I have significantly less upper back pain when I play my viola. I have also noticed that I am calmer and more focused in school, and have less anxiety in my life.

I am very grateful for what Dr. Pierre and Dr. Jason have done for me over the past five months. I look forward to my appointments each week, as I walk out feeling like a new person! Dia and Kate in the front office are both very professional and friendly. It is a joy to come to the Spinal Wellness Center. Thank you.”


Aras E., MD, MMH

“When I first came to the Spinal Wellness Center, I had had chronic back pain focused on a single point, following a diving accident 10 years ago. Since receiving care at this office, the pain is gone, I’m standing straight and I feel much more energized. I also feel that I am standing stronger on my feet. Combined with the core-strengthening exercises, chiropractic care has provided me with a healthy spine and energy to push through my academic studies.

I am a medical doctor who is interested in complementary medical therapies. In the long run, I would like to establish a wellness center, which will include the best modalities of eastern and western medicine, and chiropractic will be a fundamental part of it.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with marketing and quackery, Dr. Pierre’s practice has opened my eyes to the possibility of other modalities of medicine, even more effective than traditional medicine on some aspects.

I definitely will continue to receive chiropractic care as long as I find the chance and will recommend my patients to do the same.”


Ismini E.

“For the past 8+ years I have suffered from excruciating pain in my left shoulder. Starting around the age of 8, the pain had only become more frequent and severe as I visited countless doctors, took every test, and tried almost every treatment from intense muscle relaxers to PT to acupuncture. The pain became so unbearable I stopped talking to friends on the phone, reading to relax, playing piano, and sitting through my classes became a daily struggle. My mother started receiving ABC chiropractic treatment in the early spring of 2012 and brought me in as soon as she got the chance. After my first adjustment, I was really in tears because of the relief I felt. And after a few months of treatment, I have never felt better. I am more balanced, energized, and am able to take deeper breaths than I ever thought imaginable. While I still feel the occasional shoulder pain while I am away at boarding school and unable to receive treatment, the improvement I’ve felt is incredible, and, I am confident that with a little further “unwinding”, I will be ready to say good-bye to the pain for good!”

Thank you Dr. Pierre and Dr. Jason!!!


CPT John H.S.

“Dr. Doctor Gremaud,
This letter is long overdue. I want to thank you for the difference you made in my physical health.

To recap – I was injured while deployed in Afghanistan for the US Army. The result was that I had herniated discs in my neck and back but the most significant injury was in my neck. The symptoms I had included numbness and a pins and needles feeling in my left hand and arm and a deep pain in my armpit and behind my left scapula. The pain was such that I could not perform my normal duties let alone follow the physical fitness regimen I was used to practicing. I had sought relief through physical therapy, which included several sessions on a traction machine, pain management (steroid injections directly into my spine) and traditional chiropractic session. To be fair the steroid injections worked for a period of time and the traditional chiropractic treatments mitigated the pain somewhat. But I never got total relief from these symptoms until I started receiving treatment with your ABC™ method at the spinal wellness center. After a few weeks I was able to resume the physical training schedule I was used to – Marching 6-8 miles with 50+ pound packs – running 2 miles with body armor on etc. While I know these are not exactly the things to recommend continued long-term spinal health – they are a necessary part of my work as an Infantryman in the US Army. The flip side to this that I also have more energy and freedom of movement, which is also critical to keeping up with my 3 year-old son when I am home. I want to thank you for your help and for the relief you have given me.”

Best regards, John


Becky B., Veterinarian

“I am 29 years old, and have been experiencing neck and back pain since I was a teenager. I have seen a few different chiropractors starting at age 15, which provided some relief, but not enough. I had to stop running at age 24 because the severe musculoskeletal imbalances of my body leading to terrible pain in my entire right leg from hip to toe, but especially my knee. It got so bad that I was in constant pain, even just sitting, and I couldn’t stand for more than an hour without having incredible lower back pain for the next several days. I would also have episodes of muscle spasm in my neck that were so bad I couldn’t even sit up in bed without help. I was taking 8 Advil a day regularly just to perform my normal functions. I saw several specialists, including an occupational therapist, a podiatrist, and 2 physical therapists, none of which could help me. Then I found Pierre, and he has changed my life. After only 6 weeks of treatment, I am a new person!! My neck pain was decreased by at least 50% after my FIRST adjustment and is almost completely gone now. I can now walk for several miles and stand as long as I want without back pain, and I am hopeful that I will eventually be able to run again. I have seen enormous improvements in other aspects of my health as well: my cystic acne has disappeared, my gastro-intestinal problems (also not ameliorated by conventional medicine) have gone away, and I have more energy and have been losing weight. And the best part is, I am no longer relying on medications to live comfortably. I thought I was destined to live a life riddled with pain and depression. Thanks to the Spinal Wellness Center, that life is over.”


Pete C.

“There are not enough words to describe how much better I feel after going through this treatment. Dr Pierre has years of experience and used it to heal me quickly and efficiently. This has changed my life in more ways than I can quantify, but here are the ones I can:

I have always had some level of ADHD, never been able to focus on anything for more than an hour and always had to be doing three things at a time to keep my brain engaged. I have been a heavy computer gamer all my life and work on a computer all day long at my job. As a result, I have always suffered from back pain, bad posture and many other ailments in my back and neck. I have been to many chiropractors in my life and although most of the treatments made me feel better temporarily, they were never a permanent fix and never allowed by body to heal. Beyond that I have always been very resistant to change (mild Asperger’s) and any sort of change to a schedule or a plan, always upset me to a level I never understood. My family always considered me a very angry person who was always unable to “go with the flow”.

After coming to see Doctor Pierre I have a much greater complicity to accept change and beyond that, I can focus on tasks the way a normal person can. My back and neck pain is gone for the first time in as long as I can remember. I met up with some friends who haven’t seen me in six months and they ask if I have been working out — I haven’t — but the way my body looks now is that much different than how it looked before it shocks people. If someone offered me $100,000 to go back to the way I felt before I went through this treatment (with no ability to go through it again), I would turn them down without thinking twice. There is nothing better than being able to breathe easier, have more energy and do what I want to do in life without worrying if my neck or back is going to hurt me afterwards or stop me from doing it. ABC is simply the future of our human understanding of the human body. This is the single best decision you can make in possibly your entire life. Go here and see what Dr Pierre and his team can do for you.”



“What Spinal Wellness Center has done for me could be described as a miracle. When I first came to SWC I did not even know how much I was suffering. I thought that the pain, the disfigurement and the unhappiness were permanent and normal. It wasn’t until I started getting healthy that I realized how wrong I was! After 7 ½ years of taking antidepressants, I no longer needed them after a couple months of ABC™. I also lost 10 pounds! My personal relationships with others began becoming healthier as I became healthier. I had tried physical therapy and medical doctors to treat the pain before this, but was frustrated by their “band-aid approach” and indifferent attitudes. ABC™ chiropractic has been a life changing experience for me, and although I move away in several days, I will always be grateful to the work of Pierre, Jim and Rich. I’m about to finish my graduate program at Cornell and I honestly do not think I could’ve made it through without their help. Thanks also to the wonderful staff who have entertained me during my frequent visits.”


Steven G.

“ These guys have literally given me my body back. When I came in for the first time I was a complete mess. Unable to sit, stand, or sleep comfortably, barely able to eat, lethargic and depressed, my experience was one of daily misery until my initial visit with Dr. Pierre. After the first series of adjustments I had more energy and could sit and stand much more comfortably than I had in months. After the second series my appetite returned and the constant pain in my left side disappeared for the first time since it showed up about a year ago. I’ve continued to feel better and stronger as my treatment has progressed, and I find myself looking forward to each of my two weekly appointments. Injuries I had completely forgotten about have been corrected and resolved, and my body is very thankful. Only one adjustment I’ve received was ever uncomfortable, and it was the correction of a major childhood injury in my neck. It doesn’t feel good when a dislocated shoulder is popped back into the socket, but it’s better than leaving it out of place! In addition to healing my body, they’ve made me aware of other wellness tools that have in turn had direct beneficial effects on my treatment and my life in general. No other doctor of any discipline has ever done as much for me as Pierre and Jason. Their healing hands and enlightening information continue to improve my life daily. I like them so much I’ve referred two of my friends and now they come regularly and can’t stop telling how wonderful they feel! I recommend the Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca to anyone and everyone.”


Susan M.

“We have seen nothing but positive changes in our 13 year old daughter Nicole since she began ABC care. Nicole has long suffered with ADD and the academic and emotional fallout from this condition. We immediately saw changes emotionally once she began care. Nicole seemed much calmer, easier to talk to, less apt to “breakdown”. As we saw rapid academic improvements, we decided to begin the new school year “medicine free”. This meant she would no longer take her ADD meds in the morning before going to school for a trial period. This trial period started last September (2010) and we have not looked back since. Nicole is doing well in school, sports and her peer to peer relationships have grown leaps and bounds. This has all boosted her confidence level as well. Nicole too notices the difference and knows when her body seems, as she puts it, “out of wack” and in need of an adjustment. We as parents have spent many years trying to find help, guidance, and an ADD med- free life for Nicole, ABC care and the Spinal Wellness Center was our answer.”


Sharon L.

“After only 4 visits , I am feeling amazingly better than I was. I am breathing much better, my headaches are almost gone, my stomach and intestines are much better and my legs have stopped cramping all together. I am feeling like a “new” person already. I had no idea my spine was making me feel “awful” for so many years! I have a new spring to my walk and I thank Dr. Pierre and his knowledge of the spine for that! I am soooo thankful my best friend, Corey, told me about her visits to his office and the great affects it had worked for her. I am so looking forward to the day my spine is normal , and I am pain free!!”


Suze W.

“I didn’t believe I would feel this great when I signed up for adjustments. It hasn’t just helped with physical pain and discomfort, I’m doing much, much better emotionally and mentally. I deal with stress and problems much better than before; they don’t worry me as much and I don’t lie awake at night brooding over them. My reflexes are improving and I get to the ball much faster now (badminton/ squash). If anyone had told me I’d feel this good, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m breathing better, I’m more relaxed, I’m walking with my head held high (never did that before, and ALWAYS wanted to!), I’m so much more confident and secure overall (emotionally), and I can’t wait to see what else happens. My skin is starting to clear up and my feet don’t get as cold anymore. I’m especially struck by how much better I feel emotionally – it’s really helping me with my work, and as a graduate student, that’s been really great.”


Ahearn C.

“When I first started coming to the Spinal Wellness Center I had forgotten what it felt like to feel good in my body. I had become used to the idea that I would hurt and feel bad every day because that was just the aches and pains of life. I’m happy to say that going to the office twice weekly has completely changed my quality of living. Every visit I leave feeling renewed and more at home in my own body.

The doctors are professional and friendly, as well as extremely helpful and willing to help you through the pain and discomfort that can accompany the unwinding of years of tension and aches. If it hurts, tell any doctor or even the receptionists if you don’t feel it until you get home and they will usually find some time to get you in and fixed up right away. There really isn’t anything you have to lose here. Go and get adjusted, you won’t regret it.”


Gwen F., Teacher

“After over twenty-five years of what I thought was good chiropractic care, I have finally found the answer. That’s not to say I have completed the process yet, but I’m well on my way, thanks to ABC and Drs. Pierre and Jason. My back, neck and hip no longer leave me wincing in pain, but that’s not nearly all of the wonderful things that are happening for me. For example, I used to have very vivid dreams, the kind I would remember when I awoke. They were a colorful part of my life. Then began a time period (over 15 years), when I couldn’t remember a single dream. Since February, the dreams have returned, and I feel somehow better to be remembering my dreams.

I can sleep! Sleep, oh blessed sleep! For most of my life I’ve considered myself an incurable insomniac. I could go to sleep, but rarely stayed asleep, awoke often during the night, frequently unable to go back to sleep, and/or would wake very early in the morning. Now, I sleep through the night, or if I do wake, I’m able to go right back to sleep. My sleep is deep and restful. It’s pure heaven.

As a schoolteacher, I’m on my feet most of the day. By the end of the day my feet used to hurt terribly. I bought good shoes, soaked and rested my feet and asked family members for foot rubs. Nothing ever lasted, until starting ABC. My feet no longer hurt. I can walk long distances, stand in a classroom on hard floors, run with my grandchildren, and my feet feel better than they ever have.

Singers need lots of air and breath control to sing well. I never realized how much of that I had lost over the years. It’s fantastic to be able to sustain notes and sing long vocal phrases without sneaking a breath, or gasping for air. The quality of my voice is much improved with the increased breath support. I love to sing, and this is a new lease on my musical life.

Further, I feel emotionally stronger and able to deal with the stress of my work, the restless leg syndrome I began to experience 10-11 years ago is virtually gone and my energy level is much higher. It feels GREAT to be alive.”

In Health


Lane W.

“My astounding recovery at the hands of Dr. Pierre, I now realize, is typical for his office. A gymnastics injury at age 16 left me with three badly herniated discs. My 40 years in the building trades included countless excruciating, debilitating episodes, countless visits to chiropractors and physical therapists and finally the surgeon when a disc eventually ruptured. Still I experienced only worsening conditions. Now, having nearly completed my ABC treatment, I am able to do just about anything including skiing, logging and climbing trees.

The knowledge of spine physics, exercises and lifestyle advice (especially sitting and sleeping strategies) from Dr. Pierre have given me back the second half of my life.

I want to add an anecdotal observation. I can feel whole branches of my nervous system coming “back online” after decades of dormancy. Dexterity has come back to my hands. Guitar licks I labored unsuccessfully at for years, now come quite effortlessly. Similarly, I could never do a simple dance move on to one side and then repeat it to the other side – (some kind of crossover blockage?) Anyway, now I can, effortlessly – go figure! So, as I say to myself several times a week whenever I stumble or do something that would have put me in bed for a week not so long ago, THANK YOU DR. PIERRE!”


Loretta H.

“My name is Loretta and I want to share my experience at the Spinal Wellness Center . I was told about the Spinal Wellness Center in Ithaca , NY , by my sister. I saw that she was having success with her treatment to her back and feet, so I thought I would give it try. I was not sure if this was the answer for me, as this was something unknown and new to me.

I have been going to a chiropractor for years, receiving some help with the pain in my low back, neck, feet and shoulders. I was in pain and discomfort in the lower back and was experiencing some swelling. My neck and shoulders were hurting and a previous foot problem had reoccurred just days prior to my first visit to the Spinal Wellness Center (I wondered if it was due to my back). By the time I made it to my first appointment my range of motion was limited, bending and walking was difficult. I just felt bad all over.

When Pierre adjusted my spine (he explained the procedure as we went along). My thought process was clearer, my range of motion was free. I could bend over with out pain and twisting my body so it would not hurt to do so.

I felt free and not heavy laden, like 150 pounds had been lifted, IN JUST ONE VISIT!!

Driving home, I felt so good, that I was almost giddy with feeling so well. I knew I needed help desperately, and found it at the Spinal Wellness Center .

No back pain, my foot was not hurting or swollen, my shoulders and neck were free of stress and tension, in just one visit. I’m just amazed!!

Side Note : Have you ever asked your self isn’t there is a better way, a way for more lasting results from your doctor. I’d like to be healed so I can feel better all the time, instead of just 1-2 days a week. Have you questioned if you could get some chiropractor help so that you would not need surgery. (With pulled muscles in your shoulder) I have wondered that many times. I believe I have found the answer at the Spinal Wellness Center in Ithaca . I am sooo glad that I was told about the Spinal Wellness Center . “

Feeling Wonderful,

Greg N.

“I first came here about one month ago. I have Multiple Sclerosis and it was getting hard to walk without a cane and real hard to make it around at work. As of now, I can sleep most of the night. I do not ride the scooter at work anymore. I have a pedometer (keeps track of how far I walk) and I walk between three to five miles a day at work and at the end of the day, I don’t feel like dying anymore. I am not on any prescription meds anymore except for Chemo once every three months. I feel more alert and even doing chores around the house. I still don’t write too well, but it has only been one month.”


Lisa L., Nurse 

“I went to the Eye Doctor and my prescription for my contacts had to be changed. The reason for this change is that my vision has significantly improved and I need a weaker prescription. I asked the assistant if this happens often, and she replied “never”. I told her I was coming here and that you guys promised to “fix me up”. She said ‘keep going and maybe I would not need contacts anymore.’ My optic neuritis was eight years ago and the medical doctors told me that my eyesight would not improve anymore. Thank you ABC!”


Amanda W., Student

“Since coming to Spinal Wellness Center 3 months ago my health and lifestyle have changed significantly for the better. For about a year and a half I have been experiencing multiple levels of discomfort both physically and emotionally. I went to various physical therapists/chiropractors for symptoms of lower back pain, sciatica, upper back pain and neck and arm discomfort. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome as well as mild depression and nothing seemed to be getting better. One of my friends introduced me to the Spinal Wellness Center. To be honest it seemed “too good to be true” but since I had exhausted all my options I decided to give it a try.

After the first evaluation with Dr. Pierre I felt confident that my situation would become better. Still half-way through my first treatment plan, I am already feeling much more healthy and happy. I am no longer tired all the time and I feel that I am not as physically restricted. I get up in the morning refreshed and recharged for the day ahead of me. I can run and exercise without feeling that I would fall or hurt a joint, because my body structure is much more stable.

I know there is still a long way to go, but I am very happy with the results so far and would recommend anybody in pain to give this a chance!!”


Aimee S.

“Before I came to the Spinal Wellness Center, I couldn’t figure out why my quality of life wasn’t improving: I ate well, exercised, and slept enough each night. I had been suffering with chronic digestive problems for about two years and tried everything: doctors, diet changes, acupuncture…. nothing worked until I found the Spinal Wellness Center.

I am so grateful for the help the Spinal Wellness Center has given me. My digestion is STELLAR. In other aspects of my health, I had been feeling so bad for so long (lethargy, anxiety, depression), I didn’t even realize that anything was amiss. After visiting the Spinal Wellness Center, I am sleeping better, I am more relaxed and calm, and even noticed that food tastes more delicious. I am more optimistic and excited about life than I was just a few months ago.

I would recommend the Spinal Wellness Center to everyone. Dr. Pierre and Dr. Jason have without a doubt given me my life back!”


Jason C.

“I started coming to the Spinal Wellness Center when I was 20 years old and in horrible pain from doing stunts on a 20” BMX bike. I have two bulging discs and one herniated disc from one of my horrible crashes.

When I was 19 was when I started to feel lots of pain in my back, but it wasn’t until the next year (20) when I felt scary amounts of pain in my back to the point where I could not touch my toes, could not sit in a car, and to work was torture, I even had to take a Vicodin just to try to come close to finishing my job.

Now I am 21 years old and feeling like someone has taken mountains off my back! I can work without the aid of pain pills and do ALL the activities I want to do and pain does not show up! The ABC has done miracles for me. And if you are in as much pain as I was you would be a fool not to get adjusted.”


Evan B.

“When I first came into the Spinal Wellness Center, I had intense pain from everyday activities. I dreaded the walk to and from school, and it was nearly impossible for me to workout without re-aggravating some old injury.

After only two month here, my walk to school is brief, and I can look forward to it being a relaxing rather than painful experience. I am able to workout, and my results have been phenomenal. Other small changes are also visible. My muscular asymmetries that plagued me as a bodybuilder are lessening, and I have better balance when I walk.

In life, there are no guarantees. But if you are unhappy with how you feel, this is worth a try. In fact, I would say this had been one the best things that’s happened to me since I came to Ithaca.”


Marcia C., Minister

“When I first came to the Spinal Wellness Center, I had the following health concerns: Since 1986 I have struggled with sever fatigue, fibromyalgia pain, cognitive dysfunction, constant headaches, allergies and chemical sensitivities. I also have osteoporosis, erosive osteoarthritis and asthma. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and other traumas.

Since receiving care at this office, I have noticed the following changes in my health:

I’ve had six visits with Dr. Pierre. Yesterday I actually walked around Target pushing a cart – for several years now, I’ve had to ride the electric carts for shopping at Target or Wegman’s. I’m waking up before 8:00 a.m. most mornings, with mental clarity and energy – in contrast to the 10 – 12 hours of sleep I had needed until my first treatment with Dr. Pierre two weeks ago. And the constant mental fog, the constant pain in my muscles and back, unrelenting for almost two decades, is 90% reduced. I was unable to be up and doing things for more than six hours a day – now I am up and going from 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.

While under care at this office, I have also noticed the following changes in my quality of life and/or my ability to function and perform:

This treatment is life-giving. I’ve kept going for many years now on the strength of spirit since my body had worn out and could carry me no more. I have lesions on my brain stem usually seen primarily in people in their 90s. My body was worn out by the burden of childhood trauma, prematurely aged and just burned out. This has already, quite literally, given me back my life.”


Bernadette S.

“I originally sought help from The Spinal Wellness Center due to trauma caused by a fall down a flight of stairs. I was suffering from severe pain and the inability to move about in ways I was used to.

After my assessment I was very hopeful that I would recover but never imagined what I was in for. Not only did I recover from my recent injury, I also came to realize that I had been living my life with a twisted spine for so long that I had come to believe a certain level of pain and discomfort was normal. I immediately felt and saw improvement after the first adjustments and soon, in addition to an over-all improvement in quality of life, I could run long distances pain free, had improvement with psoriasis that was covering my body, became more flexible, suffered form less headaches, and looked healthier with more color in my face and better skin. I looked and felt as though a heavy burden had been lifted off, and it had.

No matter what my friends, family or strangers have tried to cure their ailments I recommend The Spinal Wellness Center and they thank me profusely. The most common phrase I hear when being thanked is “It has changed my life,” and it has changed mine as well.”


Sally R.

“The Spinal Wellness Center has been a fantastic source of health and well being for my family. When I first arrived, I couldn’t touch my toes without getting dizzy. Dr. Pierre sat me on a chair to check my balance; touched my shoulder and I almost fell out of the chair!

I invested my money in adjustments frequently at first, and realized after a few short months that I was experiencing dramatic improvements I had not experienced before with other chiropractic care. The spinal meningeal releases were an essential part of achieving a balanced healthy spine.

Now, years later, I come once every six weeks or so to maintain spinal health. I highly recommend Dr. Pierre, Dr. Jason and their office to those interested in chiropractic care.”


Travis C.

“Let me just start out with WOW! For the past 10 years I thought the back and neck pains I was experiencing came along with being an athlete. After my first visit with Dr. Pierre I felt clear, alive, and such a relief in my back and neck pains that I thought it was a dream. I can’t remember what my back and neck felt like before I started playing sports, but since coming to Dr. Pierre I am starting to realize what living without constant pain feels like, and I tell you what, I can’t remember a time in my life that I’ve felt this good and happy. The relief in my back pains has allowed me to play the bass guitar for longer periods of time and move around on the fretboard with an ease that I’ve never experienced before now. I am also able to stand and walk for at least 10X longer than I could just 3 weeks ago, without feeling pain. I truly cannot express how grateful I am for having the opportunity to work with Dr. Pierre on my spine. I cannot recommend going to Dr. Pierre enough, especially to you fellow athletes.”

Thank you!


Emma P.

“After having spent countless hours at doctor’s appointments and trying all forms of physical therapy, I was advised to seek out a chiropractor to see if I could be helped at all with the seemingly unattractive hunch in my back. Upon my arrival back at Ithaca in November of my sophomore year of college, I began to see Pierre. I came in without expectations having been told by countless doctors that they could do nothing for my back.

However, immediately after beginning to work with Pierre I felt better. I was walking straighter; I had more energy. The bags underneath my eyes became lighter and then disappeared. And slowly my posture did begin to change. As adjustments continued, I became more conscious of the way I was moving and sitting. I began sitting on a wedge, I made sure to be wearing the correct shoes that would not hurt my back. I am not a huge fan of recreational swimming as a form of exercise so I substituted walking for my running and walked to and from my appointments to allow the adjustments to set. I also continually did the stretches Pierre recommended.

Throughout my treatment I have only continued to look taller and stand straighter. My parents used to tell me to a stand like an open book not understanding that I physically could not pull my shoulders back. Now, my shoulders are back without any effort. I have been getting adjusted on average two times a week for two years. Presently, I am without a noticeably visible hunch and my neck, that once lurched forward like a chickens, now is long and elegant like that of a swan or as I like to tell my parents a giraffe.”


Jacki, RN

“Dear Pierre –
I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Advanced Biostructural Correction. After being diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in Feb. 2000, I sought help from various alternative therapies. Some were/are very helpful, others just expensive with little or no improvement. This specific ABC chiropractic technique has proven to be most beneficial. I received adjustments 3 times weekly with immediate results. The results varied as do the symptoms but I got relief each time and this included relief of pain, improvement with my shortness of breath, vertigo and dizziness. Over time I was able to see improvements in my posture, my balance and overall well being.

I did this for 6 months but then moved to NC and can’t find anyone who practices this technique. I notice the negative effects and hope to be able to continue these treatments very soon. I visited home for the holiday and thank you and Rich for fitting me in on short notice, again the results were immediate and very beneficial. Most apparent to me are the long lasting results of time invested in this treatment. I wish you and all other MS patients continued success in overcoming the challenges of this poorly understood disease. Again thank you for your help, interest and support.

Best regards,

Thank you for letting me know you received my note. I thought more about this on the drive home to NC and realized I left out some important pieces of information; at least they are to me. As you know I am a nurse and my world revolves around documentation, teaching and insurance. Your documentation is excellent! Thank you for taking that kind of time and interest each week.

The thermal scan results, pictures, notes by me, you and the others involved were so beneficial and I don’t think the average patient realizes how much until they need it. Not only did my insurance cover some of my treatments, but as a patient I could follow my progress in pictures and in notes, mine and yours. This reminded me of the benefits and that I did make the right choice on the days when it was a bit painful or just a bad MS kind of day. If you also feel this is helpful, please add it. So many are held back because of insurance issues, misperceptions or misinformation, they need to know.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, I’ll be in touch.

Best regards,

Jacki, RN”

Margaret D., Minister

“I have been going to various chiropractors for about twenty years, and they had treated my symptoms pretty well. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in January 2000, and started walking with a cane in August 2004. I felt that my activity level and my world were shrinking in ways I experienced as losses. When I saw what remarkable changes were happening to a friend who was in this practice, I became hopeful that it could work for me.

Since I have been coming regularly, I have noticed more energy and greater balance. Today I found myself walking two and a half blocks to my appointment instead of driving, and I felt joyous when I arrived. I was tired when I walked back to work, but was glad that I had made the effort. That seems to encapsulate my story – I’m glad that I am making the effort, and that there are people to support my growth and change along the way. There is hope with multiple sclerosis, and widening vistas await me. Thank you.”


Kathy M., Nurse

“I have been receiving adjustments at Spinal Wellness for 3 years. Having been diagnosed with scoliosis as a child, and through the wear and tear of time, I had developed significant, apparent and painful spinal changes. The process of ABC spinal care has corrected my posture and is close to completely eliminating my back pain.

This method seems much different than the conventional chiropractic. Treatment results are permanent once completed. Forward and backward rotation periods will feel very different as the body unwinds. Being committed to treatment, working through rotations and following Dr. Pierre’s guidance is also an important part of treatment.

The changes in my life from my return to health has been significant and truly appreciated.”


My wife and I have been going to The Spinal Wellness Center for the last two months to treat our back pain and have had great success. We discussed bringing our 9 year old daughter to Dr. Pierre, but I was apprehensive about it. I thought she was too young and would be frightened about the adjustment techniques. Our daughter had watched each of us at appointments and didn’t want to go at first. We put it off for a couple of weeks, but continued to be concerned about occasional headaches she was having and her reluctance toward physical exercise. Eventually we agreed that we would have her come in to be evaluated and let her decide about having an adjustment. After meeting with Sophie and Dr. Pierre she decided to have the adjustment, and we are so happy that she did. After her first appointment she felt much more confident, she told friends at school that she was getting her spine fixed. The day after her appointment, her swim lesson instructor commented on how her breaststroke was beautiful and that her kick was no longer uneven for each leg. Our daughter told her instructor about the appointment she had with Dr. Pierre the day before. Her posture has improved and her confidence about herself has really gone up. She told us she feels better about running and feels that she is even a little faster than she was before. We asked her what she would say to someone who was thinking of going to The Spinal Wellness Center. Here was her response, “I thought it was going to be scary, but it wasn’t. I feel a lot better since I want there. I feel like my personality is more energetic.” We are so grateful that we decided to have her come in.

Thank you!


Holly H.

“We tell ourselves stories to explain what’s going on with our bodies such as, “I’ve been like this as long as I can remember,” or “Condition X just runs in my family,” or perhaps the symptoms creep up gradually, so you adjust, cope, adapt. You take pills and go from one sick-care provider to another. I’m thrilled I don’t have to live a sub-standard life with chronic pain, debilitation, and limited functionality any more.

I was urged to go to the Spinal Wellness Center by a friend. I hit a low point in my health November 2012: daily migraines, ~20% effective brain processing function (speed/general ability) most days, extreme light sensitivity in the eyes, trouble hearing, arm/hip/neck/back pain, dangerously cold hands and feet, my right foot didn’t sit on the floor flat and hip was “off-kilter” since a car accident 7 years ago. With such low energy and limited abilities, for the better part of the last ten years my coping strategy increasingly was severe life situation triage and prioritization: job, boyfriend, cat, basic necessities, and barely enough reserves for occasional emergencies. But friends and sometimes family, paying bills, projects, housework were all put to the side.

Then there were symptoms I didn’t realize were related as they came on so slowly over time—for example, I couldn’t draw in enough breath. Breathing should be an autonomic function. I had to breathe willfully to get enough oxygen. Also, I had trouble expressing myself and didn’t understand why. I was going to take voice lessons to work on vocal expression. I had to eat in small bites. My muscles all over my body were so tight, twisted up I never could relax physically. Sleep was not restful or restorative. I have had severe allergies and sinus issues for 10 or more years, too. I went to various traditional and alternative medicine practitioners and received temporary relief but kept getting worse. I even volunteered for the layoff at work in May 2012 for health reasons. The summer off helped a little but then started working again and went right back into the fire and downward spiral in the Fall.

I feel the Spinal Wellness Center’s techniques will be able to correct my body structurally and allow it to heal itself. I’m a month into the process. The swimming on dry land, seat wedges and firm mattress really help. Advanced Biostructural Correction is fascinating and challenging to go through for me but the positive results and progress were apparent week one and I’m committed to see it through. I stand up straight now (there’s so much to see!), l appear more vibrant, get noticed and talked to more by colleagues, even strangers. My body shape even changed for the better. I talk more, can eat easier and when I wake up in the morning I feel like getting out of bed, actually rested. Finally energy is returning and am well on the road to a migraine-free life. I’m so grateful!

Thank you to everyone at the Spinal Wellness Center, Doctors and Staff,


Ariel B.

“I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me to Dr. Gremaud’s Spinal Wellness Center. Detecting my hesitation at the mention of seeing a chiropractor, you continued to assure me that I would feel comfortable moments after meeting him and that I would rest assured that, “he knows what he’s doing’…you were correct! A can report with utter confidence that my experience at the Spinal Wellness Center has been nothing short of life changing. My forward head posture attributed to symptoms I didn’t even know I had.

After the first adjustment he made, I found myself fighting tears of joy and unadulterated relief. After the first adjustment, I walked away feeling rejuvenated thanks to the increased oxygen to my brain among other neurological improvements. I even experienced a dramatic improvement in vision…all in simply the first visit! I have since then had two follow-up appointments and now plan to see him three times a week in hopes of achieving a level of spinal wellness that will last a lifetime.

I often speak of a common occurrence that I–along with countless others in my life–have fallen victim to which is, receiving medication without treatment. By that I mean, having medicine prescribed for symptoms that are the result of untreated skeletal misalignment such as vertebral subluxations—which is what I suffered from throughout my entire spinal cord.

As I write you this email, I am sitting in the wellness center now with my boyfriend. He came with me to my first visit, and after witnessing a transformation in my entire demeanor once freed from so much unnecessary pain, he scheduled an appointment for himself. He commented on how I looked different; more alive; more relaxed and vibrant. My attitude towards everything has grown increasingly more positive which has allowed for immediate positive life changes.

In short, I am writing to encourage you to send as many people to Dr. Pierre Gremaud’s Spinal Wellness center as possible. Whether someone has perfect spinal health or chronic back pain like me, it’s crucial to at least have it checked out by a professional. In my humble opinion, Dr. Gremaud has a gift in performing chiropractic therapy, emphasizing the often overlooked marriage between spinal health and one’s nervous system, it is clear he has a passion for what he does and truly lives to help people.

Thank you again for referring me to the Spinal Wellness Center. At the very least refer people to their website at www.spinalwellnessithaca.com so people are free to read and learn more about it. The website provides great insight into the science and artistry of chiropractic therapy and helps explain major the philosophy at the root of the practice. Help me spread the word!”

Peace and Love,


Lisa B.

“I developed pain in my left hip about three years ago, when my son Ben was eighteen months old. Over the course of two and a half years, I saw three doctors and five physical therapists, none of whom were able to help me. I very quickly reached a point where I couldn’t carry my son, not to mention play with him the way I wanted. Then I developed a new symptom, pain in my right knee, which made me start avoiding the stairs when I could. Gradually my symptoms got worse until my lifestyle was quite restricted. I suspected that my problems were caused by slight asymmetries in my body, but was told by my physical therapists and a sports medicine doctor that this was not the case. Exercises from my last physical therapist made my sacroiliac joints open and close like a clam shell and threw my hip completely out of whack. My kneecap got so loose that I could feel it sliding across my knee. This was a result of core strengthening exercises! These two and a half years were very difficult for me and my family. I just couldn’t accept that at forty years old I would have this sort of pain and disability for the rest of my life.

One of the things that I did during this time was obsessively research my problems on the Internet. After my fifth physical therapist left me worse than before, I decide to explore the idea of asymmetries causing my problems and to look for a chiropractor in Ithaca who could help me. I knew this was an important decision, because a chiropractor with the wrong technique could make me even worse.

Early on I stumbled on Dr. Pierre’s Spinal Wellness Center website. I read the description of the ABC technique and how it unwinds your spine, and researched everything I could find out about it on the Internet. It made so much sense to me and validated everything I had been thinking about my own condition! All of the amazing patient testimonials gave me hope that I might finally get better. I was impressed to read the claim (which I now believe to be true) that Advanced Biostructural Correction can help virtually everyone with a structural problem.

Dr. Pierre examined me and found out that I did have a lot of twists in my spine that were distorting my skeleton and causing me pain. After a couple of sessions I already started to notice less pain in my hip and knee and allowed myself to believe that I might get better. Although Dr. Pierre had told me that he could definitely help me, I had heard this before from several doctors and physical therapists and was afraid of being let down again. However, slowly but surely, my symptoms improved. One of the first outward signs that I was getting better were that I no long held my head cocked to the right, and my upper spine started straightening out. Although this was not the reason I came to the Spinal Wellness Center, I had been told ever since elementary school to stand up straight, but was never able to. Now I can stand up straight without any effort!

It has definitely been a “two steps forward, one step back” process for me, as I was told it often is. I have cycled through all sorts of old aches and pains as my spine has unwound. There was a time when I had five different symptoms at once which were coming and going as the weeks went by. There was a plateau where I didn’t make much improvement for a couple of months, although I was still having sessions twice a week. This was difficult for me, because I had been disappointed many times before when I had thought I was getting better, but actually ended up worse. But after not much improvement for two months, my recovery sped up again. I now feel no pain in my hip and knee, have loads of new energy and sleep much better. I can walk for hours and not feel tired or sore and can finally work out at the gym again! For the skeptics I can point to the fact that my husband and I used to be the same height, but now I am noticeably taller.

Last month I went on my first symptom-free vacation in three years. I climbed enormous boulders on the coast of Maine with my son, hauling him up in my arms and jumping down together. We hefted huge rocks into the ocean to watch them splash. Last summer I wouldn’t have even walked down the steep path to the water! This winter I plan to go sledding and to help with shoveling the driveway. I am so excited about my treatment and so grateful to Dr. Pierre, and now Dr. Jason, for giving me back my health.”

Nancy Banfield Johnson, MSN, RN, ANP

“The day after Thanksgiving 2008, I got out of the shower, bent over to dry my feet and my right arm and part of my face went numb. I ran to the mirror, sure I was having a stroke, but I wasn’t. I could talk and smile normally and neither of my arms or legs were weak. My primary care physician told me I irritated a nerve and prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. He said the numbness would go away by itself in a few months. I convinced him to do a few tests to rule out something serious. A MRI of my cervical spine and EMG of my right arm did not explain my symptoms. My doctor admitted he didn’t know what was wrong with me and referred me to a neurologist. I did not go. I decided to find answers for myself.

What I have tried in the last 3½ years:

I have seen two physicians one was an osteopath), three physical therapists and two massage therapists. I have done 15 minutes of therapeutic exercise a day. I have taken anti-inflammatory drugs for months. I have used a TENS machine and cervical traction.

I can’t say that these practitioners and their therapies and exercises I did on my own didn’t help some. They probably did, but nothing has helped me the way ABC has. I had never been to see a chiropractor before because I did not think my symptoms would be permanently fixed. Then a friend gave me a coupon for a free evaluation. I thought, “What could I lose?” I am so glad I did. What I understand from Dr. Pierre and Dr. Jason is that the ABC method they use is not the same as what a traditional chiropractor would do. ABC makes permanent changes in peoples physical well being.

What Advanced Bio-Structural Correction has done for me:

  • The deep seated pain in the left side of my chest disappeared.
  • I can walk or sit without trying to figure out how to position my head or shoulders.
  • I have more energy and feel better physically than I have in years.
  • The stiffness in my spine is gone.
  • I can walk at a fast pace for 30 minutes a day without the arthritis in my hips, feet and knee bothering me. Part of the time I can run, which I have not been able to do in years.
  • The numbness in my right hand is almost gone. I am optimistic that with further ABC treatment, it will go away.

Grad student gets confidence boost

“I didn’t believe I would feel this great when I signed up for adjustments. It hasn’t just helped with physical pain and discomfort. I’m doing much, much better emotionally and mentally. I deal with stress and problems much better then before; they don’t worry me as much and I don’t lie awake at night brooding over them. My reflexes are improving and I get to the ball much faster now (badminton/squash).

If anyone had told me I’d feel this good, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m breathing better, I more relaxed, I’m walking with my head hold high (never did that before, and ALWAYS wanted to!), I’m so much more confident and secure overall (emotionally), and I can’t wait to see what else happens. My skin is starting to clear up and my feet don’t get as cold anymore. I’m especially struck by how much better I feel emotionally – it’s really helping with my work, and as a grad student, that’s been really great.”


Lauri D.

“Wow! What a story! My son Ben has been in and out of the hospital for the past 6 years with seizures. In April, he was admitted to Strong Memorial in Rochester where Ben and I spent 11 days (11 long days).

The neurologists poked and prodded but could not find a focal point to the seizures Ben has had. When we left the hospital my son looked and felt HORRIBLE! His eyes were shallow, his skin tone looked bad and the days in the hospital left him weak. I knew I had to approach Ben’s issues from a different angle. When we got home I called Dr. Pierre, and we came in that week.

All I can say is WOW! Whatever happened has been amazing. Ben can walk, run and enjoy life. He has not had any seizures, he lost 8 pounds, and he no longer has those dark circles under his eyes. Two days ago Ben brought me paperwork so he can go out for football in the fall. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Last night he ran, played and laughed out in our backyard until 9pm – it’s amazing!”


Lanny J., Engineer

“I was referred to Dr. Pierre after a lower back injury. This latest flare up of a twenty year old injury was extremely painful, and I could barely move around after four days flat. Dr. Pierre very clearly explained my condition after my initial visit and then laid out a plan for treatment.

Within days I was able to function and after a month my scans showed why I felt back to 100%. I am now doing all my normal tasks/exercises and feel the best I have felt in years.

I would highly recommend the ABC treatment program to help anyone toward full spinal wellness.”


Marcia C., Minister

“Since 1986 I have struggled with sever fatigue, fibromyalgia pain, cognitive dysfunction, constant headaches, allergies and chemical sensitivities. I also have osteoporosis, erosive osteoarthritis and asthma. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and other traumas.

I’ve had six visits with Dr. Pierre. Yesterday I actually walked around Target pushing a cart – for several years now, I’ve had to ride the electric carts for shopping at Target or Wegman’s. I’m waking up before 8:00 a.m. most mornings, with mental clarity and energy – in contrast to the 10 – 12 hours of sleep I had needed until my first treatment with Dr. Pierre two weeks ago. And the constant mental fog, the constant pain in my muscles and back, unrelenting for almost two decades, is 90% reduced. I was unable to be up and doing things for more than six hours a day – now I am up and going from 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.

This treatment is life-giving. I’ve kept going for many years now on the strength of spirit since my body had worn out and could carry me no more. I have lesions on my brainstem usually seen primarily in people in their 90s. My body was worn out by the burden of childhood trauma, prematurely aged and just burned out. This has already, quite literally, given me back my life.”


Tanya, P

“My family started coming to the Spinal Wellness Center about a year and a half ago. I came in during one of Dr. Pierre’s “COW” promotions thinking I would just get a few adjustments and that would be that. I thought I was in pretty good health, but had been suffering from several “minor complaints,” including chronic running injuries, which were taking their toll on my hips and knees, specifically. I didn’t imagine these to be chiropractic issues, and had been to an orthopedist and physical therapy with no improvement. After Dr. Pierre’s exam, I discovered that my many years as a competitive ski racer, with the associated crashes and lack of chiropractic intervention (it had been unheard of in my upbringing) had caused my body to begin to compensate in other ways. My spine had become so twisted, that injuries were now being manifested in other parts of my body. An obsessive exerciser all my life, I now found that the mere thought of doing anything physical literally repulsed me! Dr. Pierre told me it was my body screaming out for help, and I had been ignoring it all these years.

Now, a year and a half and over 100 adjustments later, I am feeling terrific (most of the time!). I am more in tune with my body and am unable to ignore the discomforts associated with spinal mis-alignment as I once did. I am finally able to exercise again, including trail running, and am enjoying it more than I ever thought possible. Now one of my biggest challenges is not the aggravating injuries, but rather finding time to fit in a run now and then with three children!

Speaking of which, it is not really me that I wish to highlight in this testimonial, but rather the miraculous changes I have noticed in my children’s health since coming here. I have twins who were born prematurely at 27 weeks, and had undergone a lengthy stay in the NICU with various life-saving interventions and procedures during their infancy. As a result, their spines had already been affected, in some cases severely. At the age of 6, Corinna’s spinal curve was reversed. Had she progressed through her teens and early adulthood as I had with no chiropractic intervention, I cannot imagine the ill-effects to her health. But, with Dr. Pierre’s expertise and over a year of treatment, her spine is “perfect.” All of the curves have been reset and she has been released from treatment (save the occasional check up).

Benjamin, although not as extensive, has had significant changes occur during his treatment. I could literally see the change in his face and neck after each adjustment, and now he is so in tune with his body that he tells me (at age 7!) when he needs to see the chiropractor! Ben’s hairline in the back used to be off-set—something I attributed to cowlicks. But now, his neck and associated hairline are completely lined up!

Bode, although he will claim to dislike coming to the chiropractor, giggles through every adjustment. Have you ever seen anyone with a smile on their face during one of those dreaded meningals? I invite you to watch Bode! I attribute this to the gentleness and care that Dr. Pierre and Dr. Jason offer, not only to children, but to every patient that comes through their office.

After just a little over a year of adjustments, all of my children have regained complete spinal health, and because of my newfound knowledge, I can rest easily knowing that they will all reap the benefits of health in many other ways. I feel so fortunate to have “discovered” Drs. Pierre and Jason and the benefits of ABC. I am happy to tell anyone and everyone about my experiences and to recommend the Spinal Wellness Center to anyone who will listen! Thank you Dr. Pierre, Dr. Jason, Sophie, Casey, and Dia. I owe my health and my family’s continued health to you!

Oh, I should mention that my husband, Mike, is also a patient under Dr. Jason’s care…but I’ll let him tell you about his own experiences in a separate testimonial!”



“I grew up doing competitive dance and gymnastics, with little regard as to how the demanding exercises and movements would later affect my body. I have been to chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists to try to help alleviate some of the pain in my spine and back. They were all very temporary solutions. My back and neck muscles were working far harder to hold my spine up than they should have been because it could not do it alone.

I came to Dr. Pierre because I liked the idea of the unwinding process – of going to the root of the problem. The process for me was hard at first. The years and years of compensations did not easily want to let go. But by sticking it out, and having faith, I can stand up straight without trying. My spine can hold itself up so my muscles can be given a break. I am amazed at how much pain could be alleviated in all parts of my body by realigning my spine. I feel more energy in my arms and legs. I can breathe more deeply and I have more range of motion in my neck and back. I never thought my back could feel so good. I had resigned myself to a lifetime of pain. I am so completely grateful.”



“The pain and tension in my back and neck has been tremendously reduced and I am feeling better that at any point in the past five years! My fatigue has lessened, and I have much more energy throughout the day. I was truly crippled from my back and neck issues, and am finally getting fixed! My energy flow and flexibility during yoga is greatly improved as well.

This is awesome!”


Karilynn, current college student and former elite gymnast

“I was recently experiencing back pain during everyday life, outside the pain I have felt for years during exercise. I was unable to twist or bend over without sharp pain in mid-back and aching radiating up and down.

Since starting care here, I am able to move and twist more freely with far less pain. My back doesn’t crack randomly with the smallest movements. I also see that I have more energy and am more eager to do physical activities.

I am not as cautious about what movements will hurt, and more worried just at the task at hand. I find myself having more energy and able to do simple things, like sit and do homework without being uncomfortable.”


Wendi Z., RN

“My children and I have been seeing Dr. Pierre since last summer and what a difference!

My 13 year old son no longer takes medicine for attention deficit disorder, and is getting A’s and B’s on his report card. It used to be a battle to just pass and a huge struggle to get homework done. Now that is all in the past. He is happier and is able to concentrate better at home and at school.

My 9 year old daughter used to get motion sick on the bus every day after school. She would have an almost daily headache and have to lie down, take a nap, or take Tylenol. This too has changed. She is alert, has very few headaches, and is now involved in so many activities I can barely keep up with her.”


Asia, Teacher

“I’ve never felt better in my life! I used to suffer from chronic headaches, neck pain and lower back pain. After my 5th car accident I came here at my fabulous mother’s request. I have lost 15 pounds. I can mow my lawn (with a push mower!) Which I haven’t been able to do in a long time. I have stopped taking my medications I needed before I started here! I have more energy then ever. I used to nap every day now even when I want to nap I can’t. I breathe more easily, my vision is better, and my posture is noticeably different! Thank you Pierre and everyone in the office for my new life! Thanks Mom!!”