Why Visit Our Office

Chiropractors locate and correct vertebral subluxations (distortions) in your spine. We do this extremely well. You should especially see us if you are:

Persistent symptoms are a sign that something is wrong! We do not treat the symptom; we find and correct the underlying cause so the symptom(s) resolve and do not come back. We will explain your individual exam findings to you in terms you can understand.
Car accidents or simple falls can cause severe spinal stress and result in numerous subluxations. A fall even as a toddler or young child can cause or contribute to health problems later in life.
We know how to optimize your spinal and pelvic structure. Proper alignment means immediate improvement in performance. We have many youth, weekend, and elite athletes in our practice. Many Olympic and professional athletes wouldn’t dream of entering competition without first seeing their chiropractor.
Pregnancy is a time of hormonal changes that “loosen” your ligaments, preparing you for birth. This loosening however can weaken your spine. Breech presentations have been observed to correct themselves under chiropractic care.
the birth process can be very traumatic for the baby and create spinal distortions; subluxations may be created which can affect the baby’s health.
Chiropractic can have a positive influence on brain function. All children and especially those with problems such as hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, asthma, concentration, reading or math problems, vision problems and other conditions can benefit from chiropractic care.
Walking with one or both feet pointing out or in- or toe walking (usually seen in children) – A sign of adverse spinal tension that needs to be fixed.
(more sensitive to pressure) than the other, or clicking of the jaw.
Physical, emotional and chemical stresses are tough on your spine-nerve system.
Alive and have a spine and want to improve and maintain your health naturally, from the inside out, without drugs or surgery.