Introductory Tour

Would you like a healthier spine?

Would you like to:
1. move more freely?
2. breathe more deeply?
3. have nice, elegant, effortless posture?

Would you like a spine that doesn’t hurt and that quickly recovers from mishaps that do occur? Would you like to improve your athletic performance? Would you like to wake up every morning feeling great, and looking and feeling younger than you have in years? Would having more physical and emotional reserves be appealing to you? Do you want your children to grow up straight, healthy and strong?

Well, we want those things for you also! In fact, that’s why we’re here!

If you’re new to this office, many of the things we present in this website may seem a bit outlandish, or at least over-optimistic. That is understandable. We felt the same way before our experience showed us what great spinal care can do.

We are confident that many of you can achieve greater levels of health and performance than you have been led to believe. We are finding and freeing things in the body that many health care professionals overlook.

We take no direct credit for the miracle of health restoration. Ease and health are your birthright. If you are not feeling 100%, no matter what diagnosis you many have received, the miracle of greater health is already inside you waiting to be set free. After a thorough consultation and examination, we will do our best to help you. For those people that we feel we cannot help, we will do our best to find you someone who can.

Why The Spine?

It has been known by cultures from time immemorial that the flow of energy along the spine is a key to human health. One’s first visual impressions of someone’s age, health, and emotional state comes largely from observing their spinal posture. If you were an actor needing to depict someone who was old or infirm or angry ordepressed, you would change the shape or your spine in slightly different ways for each character. Conversely if you wanted to depict someone who was healthy or enthusiastic or in love or courageous, you would adopt a different set of postures.


It is our view and experience that the shape, position and tone of your spine and related structures have a profound influence on your health, your state of mind, and the quality of your life.

The spine houses the central nervous system, and the spinal health and nervous system health are closely intertwined. Healthy people have spines that are softer, more supple, and have more breath and movement than do people who are experiencing dis-ease. It is extremely unfortunate that this basic fact is largely ignored in our current healthcare system. The great news is that with precise adjustments and proper lifestyle, it is possible to restore spinal health to persons of almost any age or condition. This is because the body has a tremendous capacity to heal and self correct when it is given the chance.

It is very common for practice members to report feeling psychologically and emotionally stronger and more resilient as a result of spinal corrective care.

Following our recommendation as to sitting, standing, sleeping and exercise will greatly shorten the correction process. You will learn by direct experience that everything is connected. Nothing in the body moves into or out of place without affecting everything else.

During your care here, spinal health principles will be demonstrated for you on your own body. If we are able to help you, you will definitely be able to feel your progress, either internally or by observing the changes in the performance testing that we do. We want getting healthy to be fun!

Our mission is to help as many people as possible, especially children, achieve new levels of
health and life enjoyment. We love what we do and it shows.

It is our experience that by receiving care here, people can become more in touch with their innate power
and wisdom, and can go through their healing journey with more clarity and ease.