Improving Scoliosis, dark eye circles disappear, the benefits just keep going on and on!

I started ABC only a few months ago, but the difference is amazing. I have had scoliosis since I was a teenager. I was always active and just lived through the sore back. To literally see my spine becoming straighter through the weeks is amazing. Now I go for a run or workout with endurance I never had before, and my back or feet no longer hurt.
A few weeks ago I also received Endonasal Cranial Correction (ECC) and it was life-changing. My breathing improved more than I ever imagined possible. But that wasn’t even the best part. After years of trying every cream to improve my very dark eye circles and dull skin, and ECC improved it all. Finally when I take a picture I no longer need a filter or to edit it before showing friends, and that is priceless.
The benefits just keep going on and on. I am no longer freezing in the air-conditioned restaurants, the dry cracked skin on my heels no longer exists, I sleep better and wake up refreshed.
It is great to be able to come to a place that changes me so much for the better and are so welcoming to me and to my two-year-old daughter at every visit.