What would you do if you had a headache for 45 days?

Ten years ago I fell down a flight of stairs. As I was falling I remember hitting my head very hard several times. I was bleeding from my nose and mouth and was diagnosed with bulging discs in my neck and lower back. Since that time, I have visited chiropractors, orthopedic specialist, the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic. I have had many flair ups causing me to be on bed rest for fairly long periods of time. For the past year I have been very sedentary because of my lower back injury and have suffered with tension headaches increasing from a week, a month, to 45 CONSECUTIVE DAYS. The chronic headaches are what lead me to seek help from Dr. Pierre. The reviews I read were very positive in reference to Advanced Biostructural Correction for tension headaches.

I began my journey with Dr. Pierre on July 25th, 2016. Two wonderful things that I noticed after my first visit was that my posture was corrected and I could breathe effortlessly. The very first success I had with ABC™ was relief from my lower back pain. Prior to my treatments I had accepted the fact that I could not take walks or get out of bed without pain and weakness in my legs. I am now pain free and able to work out aggressively. I can do everything I did prior to my fall.

It has been less than two months and I now have relief from my tension headaches. I continue to receive treatment because I just continue to feel better and better in so many ways. My energy is amazing, my mood is better and my thinking is much clearer. Even my complexion looks healthier and my eyes are brighter. For me, it’s been life changing in so many ways.

I am very grateful for the Spinal Wellness Center. The staff is wonderful and I am extremely grateful for having my life back.