Increased energy

 I have been going to various chiropractors for about twenty years, and they had treated my symptoms pretty well. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in January 2000, and started walking with a cane in August 2004. I felt that my activity level and my world were shrinking in ways I experienced as losses. When I saw what remarkable changes were happening to a friend who was in this practice, I became hopeful that it could work for me.

Since I have been coming regularly, I have noticed more energy and greater balance. Today I found myself walking two and a half blocks to my appointment instead of driving, and I felt joyous when I arrived. I was tired when I walked back to work, but was glad that I had made the effort. That seems to encapsulate my story – I’m glad that I am making the effort, and that there are people to support my growth and change along the way. There is hope with multiple sclerosis, and widening vistas await me. Thank you.


Margaret, minister, age 46