Grad student gets confidence boost

I didn’t believe I would feel this great when I signed up for adjustments. It hasn’t just helped with physical pain and discomfort. I’m doing much, much better emotionally and mentally. I deal with stress and problems much better then before; they don’t worry me as much and I don’t lie awake at night brooding over them. My reflexes are improving and I get to the ball much faster now (badminton/squash).

If anyone had told me I’d feel this good, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m breathing better, I more relaxed, I’m walking with my head hold high (never did that before, and ALWAYS wanted to!), I’m so much more confident and secure overall (emotionally), and I can’t wait to see what else happens.  My skin is starting to clear up and my feet don’t get as cold anymore.  I’m especially struck by how much better I feel emotionally – it’s really helping with my work, and as a grad student, that’s been really great.