Recovery from head injury and vertigo

Story of the month: I have no video, as i did not think i would ever see this 69-year old woman again after the initial exam because she was so infirm and unable to think or talk clearly.
Two-and-a-half years of unrelenting vertigo and headaches, lack of balance,severe fatigue and joint pain following a head injury (itself caused from fainting). She also had developed “foreign accent syndrome” (you can look it up).
She used a rolling walker, and had a callous on her hand from years of desperately holding on to it and anything else she was near.

Medical doctors had thrown up their hands and told her to learn to live this way. Her own son is a medical doctor in Georgia.

Nine visits later, the turnaround is stunning. When the doctor who referred her in (bless him), saw her today, his jaw literally fell open. That is the photo I wish I had!