Tons of Energy, No Pain, Walking 9 Miles


I was a high school athlete in N, Heidi 6-2-14Trumansburg Central Schools, playing fast pitch softball from 9 to 12th grade. With the slingshot fast pitch, I had created issues with my right hip during this time. If I only knew about chiropractic therapy back then…
Six months after my youngest was born I was diagnosed with RRMS (Reoccurring Remitting Multiple Sclerosis).  I am currently  in a test study through Strong Memorial in Rochester, NY.
I work at Ithaca High School, and  had asked many people whom they recommended for a Chiropractor in the Ithaca area. Overwhelmingly came the response of “Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca.” At that stage I had been having issues with my left hip that I have learned was my body over compensating and adjusting from my spine being misaligned. I cannot say enough about my experience with ABC™ treatment at the Spinal and Wellness Center of Ithaca. Not only are they allowing me freedom I had forgotten was possible, the education that they are giving me is something I use daily in my activities to continue to feel this good.
Here is a great story: in 2011, I went with my oldest son on a field trip to DC. As we are dropped and allowed to roam and return, we walked almost 5 miles that day. With that came the aches in my feet, lower legs, knees and my back. I couldn’t wait to get back on that bus. This year, I returned to DC with my youngest son. Not only did we walk 9+ miles, I did it with few breaks (mostly for the students) and returned to the bus with energy and feeling wonderful. No aches, no pains and ready for the next day to walk more.
Overall I have noticed better posture, better energy, and a better outlook on life. While my RRMS is not at a debilitating stage, Dr. Pierre and Dr. Jason have educated me on how my spine reflects on my overall health as well as my future battle and stability with RRMS. To have the education and understanding within my healthcare and therapy is not only refreshing, but highly welcomed. This experience I have shared with as many people as I can and will continue to do so!
Thank You Spinal Wellness of Ithaca! My quality of life has improved because of your help and direction.
-Heidi N-W, 41.