December 2010 Newsletter

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Happy Holidays from all of us at SWC!flowers

This holiday season we will have modified office hours:

Friday Dec. 24th 10am – 1pm

Saturday Dec. 25th Closed
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Wednesday Dec. 29th 8am – 6pm
Friday Dec. 31st 8am – 5:15pm

Saturday Jan. 1st Closed

Monday Jan. 3rd we will resume our regular hours!

Hope you enjoy this newsletter. We have some great success stories to share as well as helpful information for your health. Happy reading.

Dr. Pierre

In This Issue

  • Our Featured Practice Member: Emma Peck-Block
  • Office Success Stories
  • Tri-athlete with plantar fasciitis pain-free with ABC care
  • Flu-vaccine and its side effects
  • Headaches and Chiropractic
  • Half a Teaspoon of This Each Day Can Optimize Cholesterol Levels
  • Welcome New Practice Members!

Our Featured Practice Member: Emma Peck-Block



After having spent countless hours at doctors appointments and trying all forms of physical therapy, I was advised to seek out a chiropractor to see if I could be helped at all with the seemingly unattractive hunch in my back. Upon my arrival back at Ithaca in November of my sophomore year of college, I began to see Dr. Pierre. I came in without expectations having been told by countless doctors that they could do nothing for my back.

However, immediately after beginning to work with Pierre I felt better. I was walking straighter; I had more energy. The bags underneath my eyes became lighter and then disappeared. And slowly my posture did begin to change. As adjustments continued, I became more conscious of the way I was moving and sitting. I began sitting on a wedge, I made sure to be wearing the correct shoes that would not hurt my back. I am not a huge fan of recreational swimming as a form of exercise so I substituted walking for my running and walked to and from my appointments to allow the adjustments to set. I also continually did the stretches Pierre recommended.

Throughout my treatment I have only continued to look taller and stand straighter. My parents used to tell me to a stand like an open book not understanding that I physically could not pull my shoulders back. Now, my shoulders are back without any effort.  I have been getting adjusted  for two years. Presently, I am without a noticeably visible hunch and my neck, that once lurched forward like a chickens, now is long and elegant like that of a swan or as I like to tell my parents a giraffe.

Office Success Stories

Chiropractic is the largest drugless health profession in the world. It is used by the large majority of professional athletes and celebrities.


It works by removing interference from the communication lines between the brain and the body (the Nervous System). We get to see miraculous changes in people every day we practice. Here are SOME success stories of the past few weeks:

– a 25-year old is enjoying the improvement of her equestrian skills. Her highest jump went from 2’6″ to 3’9″ due to her improved mobility and stability while riding!

– a 45-year old woman had a big improvement in her lower back pain and sciatica after only 5 adjustments

– a 24-year old has lost the hump on her neck in 12 adjustments and now has nice smooth spinal curves

– a Cornell student has tremendous relief with his chronic neck pain, after seeing an orthodox chiropractor for years without much improvement

– a 40-year old diabetic is experiencing higher levels of energy, increased body warmth and much needed relief from neck and upper back pain and stiffness

— after only 3 weeks, a concert violist (who drives an hour to get to her appointments) is playing and performing without pain for the first time in over a decade. she also looks and feels ten years younger!


 There are many more, but you get the picture! 


This type of thing is happening in certified ABC™ offices around the English-speaking world. The science of effectively analyzing and correcting bodies is now available, but it might take another generation to become common knowledge.(see the new national ABC™ website click here.)  

We are right here in Ithaca. Be a hero to someone you know and forward this newsletter on to him or her. Both of you will be glad you took the time to do so!

 Tri-athlete with plantar fasciitis pain-free with ABC



athleteI have a patient who is an elite amateur internationally ranked tri-athlete. She began treatment with me about 6 months before what she said was going to be her final competition before retiring at age 47 ranked 15th in the world in her age category. The reason she was retiring was persistent plantar fasciitis for many months and the severe pain she experienced during and after each race.

I pointed out her multiple compensation patterns in her spine and the total curve reversal from L1-L5. I told her it would take between 6-8 months to help her plantar fasciitis, which put her right up against a trip to Australia for her final race.


During her care she underwent some amazing unwinds with lots of pain and amazing visual spinal shifts, but no improvement in her fasciitis. With only 2 weeks to go before the trip she was getting desperate and we went to see Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz for an evaluation. His opinion was that the case was handled correctly and that she would soon be ready for some major changes. He then ran the protocol on her and wouldn’t you know it, CRACK! L5 snaps back and she stands up pain free for the first time. Always a bridesmaid, I guess.


She came in 4th in the world in Australia, has won every race she has entered this year (including the NYC triathlon) until coming in 9th at the Worlds in Tampa last week. She is now considering turning pro. She is still treated 1-2 times per week and continues to improve.


Bruce Ruderman, DC; Nyack, NY

Flu-vaccine and its side effects

See why this leading physician thinks getting a flu shot is a terrible idea:

Headaches and Chiropractic

Do you know anyone who suffers from headaches? There is no such thing as a “normal headache.”

Unless someone has a brain tumor or is being poisoned or is simply dehydrated, headaches stem from adverse pulling on cranial structures that results from distortions in the spine or skull. Check out this article: Headaches and Chiropractic
In our office, we get to the CAUSE of headaches, thereby eliminating them.

Have your friend call our office and schedule an evaluation so that they may lead a normal, pain free life. They and their family will thank you!

Half a Teaspoon of This Each Day Can Optimize Cholesterol Levels

Welcome to our New Practice Members from October and November!


Robyn B. – Referred by Michael M.


Martha S. – Referred by Billy G.


Craig M. –

Referred by Erica F. 

Sue L.- Cornell University


Annette N.Referred by Lynn C.
Caitlin H.

– Referred by Rhea G. 

Jonathan M. – Ithaca, NY


Scott M. – Candor, NY


Rebecca F. – Referred by Rhea G.
Noelia S. – Referred by Heather B.


Valerie H. – Referred by Lea E.


Eileen W. – Referred by Susan M.
Sue S. –

Referred by Melissa F. 

Tammy P. – Referred by Scott M.
Diane M. –

Referred by Lynn C. 

Jen H. – Referred by Jonathan M.
Eric A. – Ithaca NY


Lisa M. – Referred by Sarah M.
Frank M. – Ithaca NY Martha W. – Referred by Teresa G. Becky M.Cornell University
Helen F.- Referred by Anne C.
Joyce C. – Referred by Anne C.
Heather F. – Referred by Vanessa B.
Clare N. – Ithaca NY
Tom R. – Ithaca College
Della H. – Referred by Rob T. Ana L. – Cornell University Rachelle P. – Elmira Heights
Janelle D. – Referred by Lynn C.
Joan C. – Candor NY
Kelli K. – Referred by Kevin S.
Dan D. – Referred by Roy H.
Karen A. – Referred by Diane M.
Lauren M. – Referred by Alana M.
Kyle M. – Referred by Vanessa B.
Cynthia P. – Elmira Heights
Susan P. – Referred by Cynthia P.
Jenna W. – Ithaca College

We reach the public through referrals from great practice members like YOU! Thanks for making our C.O.W. promotion such a success! We have raised hundreds of dollars for the Ithaca High School Baseball program (to cover price of balls, umps, the use of training facilities, etc. during a time of tight school budgets).
I cannot thank you enough!

pierre-gremaudSincerely,  Pierre Gremaud, DC
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