Childs Ability to Respond to Instructions Improves Dramatically!

It’s always a great part of the job when practice members let us know how they are doing, and how chiropractic care has helped to improve their lives.  Here is our newest success story!

Thane in stream

“I have been going to see Dr. Pierre Gremaud at the Spinal Wellness Center since the summer of 2007.  His expertise, confidence and light hearted approach makes everyone in the office feel comfortable with this alternative approach to health and wellness- and everyone who leaves the office is smiling, feeling better, including myself.

I have also taken two of my three sons to be adjusted by Dr. Pierre.  My oldest was ten.  When I asked him to sit up straight and look at me one day, I realized he actually couldn’t.  I immediately set up an appointment for him.  After his first adjustment, he released a few tears.  I was worried he would then be discouraged to continue.  However, after my appointment was finished, he ran back to the toy area and wrote anonymously on a mega doodle, “I love this place!”  Success.

My middle child was eight when he had his first adjustment.  Dr Pierre commented on his “spaghetti toes” and I was reminded of the way he leans on EVERYTHING and everyone.  After two adjustments, this behavior has been eliminated and as a bonus, his ability to respond to instructions has improved dramatically.  He now responds with an immediacy I have never seen.  We are so grateful.

I believe in this work and feel it has benefits for everyone who can let go and trust in these skilled professionals.  it is truly amazing what ABC™ can do for you.  Last year when I finally decided to make my health my priority at 36, I called the Spinal Wellness Center.  it is the greatest thing you can do to begin a path to health and wellness.  I HIGHLY recommend the Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca!”