Chiropractic Care Can Help…Even if You Don’t Think You Need It

Many do not look for care until they are already in pain, which does make sense in some respects.  Recently a new patient came in who had no pain what so ever, believed her back was fine, and was simply coming for care as a preventative method.  Here is what she had to say about her experience here at the Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca:

“I had never been to a chiropractor in my life before coming to the Spinal Wellness Center.  I was immediately shocked at how friendly and inviting the office was, it gave off good vibes for sure.  The first thing that really opened my eyes was my scan that every new patient gets.  My scan was OFF THE CHARTS!  I could not believe it, my body was working so hard simply to keep itself upright, and I had NO IDEA!

The doctor told me it was one of the worst scans he has ever come across, and how much better I was going to feel after getting care.  He was so excited about what care could do for me, and I found myself starting to get excited as well.  But he was making some pretty outrageous claims about how much better I would feel and how this could ‘change my life’ and how I could ‘feel like a different person.’  I wasn’t sure I believed it.

After getting just one adjustment, I felt amazing!  I had always always been a sloucher for as long as I remember, and I found myself holding my self so much more upright!  I felt so with it, and so awake!  My boyfriend informed me that I ‘seemed different’ and was smiling a lot more.

Upon writing this, I have been getting care for about a month now.  I had no idea it was possible to feel this great, and wish I had done it a lot sooner.  I can’t shut up about the Spinal Wellness Center to my friends and family.  I would urge EVERYONE, whether they think they need a chiropractor or not to go out and get examined.  You could feel better than you ever thought possible!”