Finding health answers at Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca


We tell ourselves stories to explain what’s going on with our bodies such as, “I’ve been like this as long as I can remember,” or “Condition X just runs in my family”, or perhaps the symptoms creep up gradually, so you adjust, cope, adapt.  You take pills and go from one sick-care provider to another.  I’m thrilled I don’t have to live a sub-standard life with chronic pain, debilitation, and limited functionality any more.

I was urged to go to the Spinal Wellness Center by a friend. I hit a low point in my health November 2012:  daily migraines, ~20% effective brain processing function (speed/general ability) most days, extreme light sensitivity in the eyes, trouble hearing, arm/hip/neck/back pain, dangerously cold hands and feet, my right foot didn’t sit on the floor flat and hip was “off-kilter” since a car accident 7 years ago. With such low energy and limited abilities, for the better part of the last ten years my coping strategy increasingly was severe life situation triage and prioritization: job, boyfriend, cat, basic necessities, and barely enough reserves for occasional emergencies. But friends and sometimes family, paying bills, projects, housework were all put to the side.

Then there were symptoms I didn’t realize were related as they came on so slowly over time—for example, I couldn’t draw in enough breath. Breathing should be an autonomic function. I had to breathe willfully to get enough oxygen.  Also, I had trouble expressing myself and didn’t understand why. I was going to take voice lessons to work on vocal expression. I had to eat in small bites. My muscles all over my body were so tight, twisted up I never could relax physically.  Sleep was not restful or restorative.

I have had severe allergies and sinus issues for 10 or more years, too. I went to various traditional and alternative medicine practitioners and received temporary relief but kept getting worse. I even volunteered for the layoff at work in May 2012 for health reasons. The summer off helped a little but then started working again and went right back into the fire and downward spiral in the Fall.

I feel the Spinal Wellness Center’s techniques will be able to correct my body structurally and allow it to heal itself. I’m a month into the process. The swimming on dry land, seat wedges and firm mattress really help.  Advanced Biostructural Correction is fascinating and challenging to go through for me but the positive results and progress were apparent week one and I’m committed to see it through.  I stand up straight now (there’s so much to see!), l appear more vibrant, get noticed and talked to more by colleagues, even strangers. My body shape even changed for the better. I talk more, can eat easier and when I wake up in the morning I feel like getting out of bed, actually rested. Finally energy is returning and am well on the road to a migraine-free life. I’m so grateful!

Thank you to everyone at the Spinal Wellness Center, Doctors and Staff!!!