22-year old comes alive, shares his story



This place is legit.  The adjustments that SWCI performs do not “work for some, and not for others.” I almost don’t want to post this because I want to make sure they have time for me in their schedule. If there is such a thing as a silver bullet to physical, emotional, and mental health, you will find it here. I am 22 years old, and since December of 2010 have struggled with lower back pain from working with a slipped disc. The tightness in my back resulted in a strained rotator cuff in my right shoulder. At the same time, I felt my mental sharpness and memory starting to slow down and started to slip into a depression. At 22 I couldn’t get excited about anything? I was down about being down, vicious cycle of self-criticism, etc. After my first adjustments with Dr. Gremaud, I literally felt like a kid. For a whole day, I was laughing at everything and all but forgot what it felt like to be depressed. Further, I had noticed for about a year that my eyes were not symmetrical. My right eyebrow sat higher than the left. Sunglasses were tilted on my face. After the first adjustment, my eyes were corrected, I was stunned. Today, after going to a total of 5 sessions, I sleep soundly, my lower back feels like new, I focus better in school, my athletic performance has increased considerably (I am more agile, faster, greater stamina), and I am overall feeling like a bad-ass. If you’re on the fence or skeptical, you should just go. You have nothing to lose, a lot to gain.

Casey, Cornell student