Treat the root of your pain with ABC Chiropractic

David Johnson - Chiropractic Works I am 28 years old, but from the time I was about 14, I’ve had bad pain in my back, particularly the lower back. From the time Icould walk, I was clumsy, off-balanced, and fell a lot, often tripping over my own two feet! I fell playing sports, I went over the handlebars on my bike, and I fell backwards onto a boulder while hiking. I knew I had done some things to my back, but I had no idea how bad things were getting inside me. As a baby, I had colic and spit up a lot. As I got older, I developed acid reflux, which grew more severe over time. From the time I was about 8, I had bad environmental allergies, which gradually grew worse over time.

From age 14 on, the pain in my back gradually became worse. Eventually, I was dropping down in chairs rather than sitting gently on them and I had pain in my middle back and shoulders as well. Sitting up and sitting down and laying down and getting up were uncomfortable. As a CPA, I was in a sitting position for most of the day, and the pain would get more severe throughout the day. My family and friends were concerned that I would be in bad shape by the time I was 40.

Then, I reconnected with some old friends. The father, Mike, told me about the Spinal Wellness Center. Mike told me that he had had terrible pain as well in his back and shoulders, but that Dr. Pierre had used the ABC™ method on him and he no longer had that pain. I decided that I had absolutely nothing to lose by giving Dr. Pierre a try.

The first thing I was struck with when I arrived was the atmosphere of the office. Everyone was warm and friendly. When I met Dr. Pierre and talked to him, I immediately felt confident in him. He was confident in his methods, but not arrogant. He asked me what I most needed relief from or improvement in and told me that they would definitely be able to help, even though I was one of the ten worst cases he had ever seen.

Dr. Pierre ran a number of tests and helped me to understand the results and why I was feeling the pain in certain areas. He explained how all the areas of my body could be affected by the spine. He helped me to understand how the twisting of the spine was pulling and tightening other areas of the body. He did some preliminary release methods to begin the process of unwinding and loosening my body. After that first appointment, I noticed an immediate improvement even though Dr. Pierre had just begun the preliminary process. My wife, family, and friends all noticed a difference in my color, my posture, and even my confidence. I have had five more appointments since then and each time I feel better. Sometimes, the methods are uncomfortable, but a little pain is to be expected. Sometimes, the unwinding causes discomfort, but that is to be expected, too. The point is that I cannot remember the last time I felt this good, and I’m not even halfway through the process.

My 6-month-old son had two visits to correct torticollis in his neck. He can now move his head from side-to-side with ease. My wife is going to start treatment next week. Do yourself a favor. Go in today for a visit and say goodbye to your pain. Dr. Pierre and Dr. Jason know what they’re doing. They’re not just chiropractors. They don’t just treat the symptoms. They find the root cause of the problem and address that. They have helped some of the worst cases (like me). They can help you, too. The earlier you go in, the easier the correction process will be.

-David, 28