58-year old gets unlopsided

spondyloA 58-year old hospital physician’s assistant came in last month reporting a lifetime of back pain and sundry aches and pains which had finally caused her to all but stop exercising. She knew she had a spondylolisthesis (break in the spinal bone, causing it to slip forward) at L5 since an early age.  Her X-rays revealed significant degeneration (arthritis)  at that level. Her latest complaint was Achilles tendonitis on both sides, as well as knee pain

The examination showed a number of things, but remarkably a 23 pound differential in the amount of weight she was bearing on one side compared to the other while standing.

She has made steady progress the past month in function, range of motion, and in decreased pain levels. Yesterday’s re-exam showed bi-lateral weight distribution was zero—- that is, she was now bearing weight evenly on both legs. this will make a huge difference for her future musculo-skeletal health.