His Pain Lasted for 40 Years….

And after coming to the Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca, it was gone in 40 days!  But enough from us, here is what our practice member had to say about his experience:

“Summer of 1972 I was stopping for a red light when a ten-wheel dump truck was racing to get through.  The result was a severely twisted back that would never recover – until now.  After more than ten MRI’s, numerous nerve conduction tests and thousands of pain pills, all the doctors could say was “I cannot explain your pain.”  They could see damage and showed me on the x-rays at the L4, L5 position.  Surgery was out of the question and I had to live with the pain.  There was nothing they could do. Herb M


My son went to The Spinal Wellness Center for his back pain and insisted that I go too.  Finally he pressured me enough and I thought ‘why not?’  They will tell me the same old story, “There is nothing we can do, live with the pain and the pain medicine.”

After a few sessions I began to think this could help.  After six sessions I began to believe there is something to this.  Now I am 90% out of pain and expect to be completely pain free soon.

Do yourself a favor!  If you are suffering from back pain go see The Spinal Wellness Center.  The staff is terrific and the doctors are (in my case) miracle workers.  You have nothing to lose.  Now, I have to get used to sitting, sleeping and living life without pain.  That is a good problem.”