Know Someone Who’s Moody?

Many of our new patient members come into the Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca due to a certain issue they are dealing with.  However, sometimes even more exciting than fixing the initial issue are the unexpected positive effects of chiropractic care!  This testimonial from one of our patient members talks about just this:



“After 4 months of intensive farm and gardening work I began experiencing severe pain throughout my body accompanied by headaches and difficulty being present with my work and loved ones. My mood would follow my pain. It was hard to set aside. I could not manage the pain on my own through diet, yoga, exercise and even massage. I had heard many good things about the Spinal Wellness Center from friends and decided to receive a treatment. My first few sessions were with Dr. Gremaud. What I experienced was true expertise of a very intricate field of work. My headaches decreased in severity and I could feel my spine beginning to be able to breathe again after the initial session. My last 6 sessions have been with Dr. Jason, whose presence and integrity of workmanship is excellent. He is very skilled and well practiced. I can feel he enjoys his work and watching people transform. When working with him there is a sense of compassion, trust and a quick forward momentum to actualize my health potential. I am able to discuss the sensations and changes in my body with Dr. Jason while receiving treatment which creates an educational atmosphere that I find rewarding. 9 sessions later I am absolutely capable to perform the tasks at my work without tremendous pain and so many areas of my life have improved. Mood, presence, awareness, flexibility and posture to list a few. The ABC method works. The unwinding process is amazing to observe in oneself. Both Dr. Gremaud and Dr. Jason are worth a visit!”