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We are excited to feature in this newsletter the story of our practice member, Aras Erekul, M.D., as well as some great advice about finding the right shoes to complement your ABC care. Also we have included a variety of health articles that I think you will find interesting.

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In This Issue

  • Featured Practice Member
  • Flu Prevention Should Include Chiropractic
  • How to tell if the new shoes you buy will help or hurt your body!
  • The Dangerous Side Effects of Cholesterol-Lowing Drugs
  • The pH Nutrition Guide to Acid/Alkaline Balance
  • May Core-strengthening Classes
  • Welcome New Practice Members!
 Our Featured Practice Member: Aras Erekul

When I first came to the Spinal Wellness Center, I had the following health concerns:

Chronic back pain on a single point for 10 years, following a diving accident.

Since receiving care at this office, I have noticed the following changes in my health:   

Pain is gone, I’m standing straight and I feel much more energized.

While under care at this office, I have also noticed the following changes in my quality of life and/or my ability to function and perform:

I feel that I am standing stronger on my feet. Combined with the core-strengthening exercises, chiropractic care has provided me with a healthy spine and energy to push through my academic studies.

I am a medical doctor who is interested in complementary medical therapies. In the long run, I would like to establish a wellness center, which will include the best modalities of eastern and western medicine, and chiropractic will be a fundamental part of it.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with marketing and quackery, Dr. Pierre’s practice has opened my eyes to the possibility of other modalities of medicine, even more effective than traditional medicine on some aspects.

I definitely will continue to receive chiropractic care as long as I find the chance and will recommend my patients to do the same.

Aras Erekul, M.D.
April 21, 2009

flu-prevention Flu Prevention Should Include Chiropractic

See how chiropractic fared in the flu epidemic of 1918. It is what put chiropractic “on the map” in America.

Click here to read the article

How to tell if the new shoes you buy will help or hurt your body!Some advice from ABC chiropractor Jerry Porter, DC in Spokane, WA:foot-1In my office we spend quite a bit of time fixing shoes that would otherwise make your body worse but it is much easier and less expensive if you buy good shoes – or very correctable ones – to begin with.

I was recently asked to give some tips when buying new shoes, so here you go…

You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Many of the best shoes I have seen for biomechanics were purchased at discount stores (even most ‘flip-flops’ are good for you). The fluff and cushion in more expensive shoes might make them unfixable.

foot-2The first thing to do is remove the insoles to see if they are flat inside. Then, find a mirror and test your body while barefoot before testing it with the shoes on. Simply breathe in and out, relax and then observe by looking and feeling for differences in your inspiration and stability.

If wearing the shoes makes your body less stable or if you find it more difficult to breathe in fully, then the shoes are making your body worse and they most likely cannot be improved.

Once you find a pair of good shoes then you can build them up a bit with our heel lifts and/or “heel chips” . The supports we use were designed by chiropractors specifically to assist the posture and structure of the whole body.

It may not seem like it is that big of a deal but the shoes that you choose are more important for your health and well being than you could possibly imagine.

First, you need a little background as to what we want to accomplish by fixing your shoes. The basics are this: the insoles needs to be flat, the toe box wide and the heel raised up. You can get the reasoning behind this at this link

The issue I want to bring up is that many running and walking shoes have fancy plastic or rubber molding at the instep of the shoes. I am not sure of the purpose of the molding here but some shoes have it and some do not. However, it will cause problems if present with the stability of your whole body by pushing upward into your arch. The first picture shows this area in a shoe that is problematic. The second picture shows a shoe with this molding absent.

Remember, anything that pushes up under your arches – even a little bit – causes a chain reaction of instability that affects your whole body. 

Keep in mind that all of the problems with shoes that are discussed in these e-zines and on our website are problems because of the abnormal stresses and pressures they exert on your entire body. Likewise the advice offered for correcting your shoes, by using our products, is for the overall effect on your whole body.

Many other problems with shoes can be fixed to make them better with the products we offer but unfortunately not if the instep is molded. If your shoes are molded like those above then you will need to replace them for your body to do better.

Yours in Health, Naturally
Jerry Porter, D.C.

To see other great informative articles like this one on how to take care of your body (or to sign up to get ABC tips sent to you via email)  from Dr. Porter , click

The Dangerous Side Effects of Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

drugs-01Statin drugs are some of the most unnecessary drugs on the market today.

Because their use is based on a misinformed notion that cholesterol is the nemesis of good health in the first place. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating:
Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease.
Making matters worse, statins are also some of the most dangerous and are fraught with dangerous  side effects that often show up months after stating the drug regimen. Their standard use in contemporary medicine is a classic example of  ignorant, short-sighted management of health problems by “symptom-stomping”. These drugs, like all drugs, go into every one of your cells, creating havoc on the organism.
Find out the rest of the story by clicking here.
The pH Nutrition Guide to Acid/Alkaline Balancean article by Jack Challemnutrition-01 This is the best written, most clear introduction to “alkalizing” your body chemistry to prevent disease and accelerate healing that I have seen. Reading this one article, and acting on its recommendations is quite possible the the single best thing you can do for  your diet and will make a HUGE difference in your family’s health.

(Also of note,  Dr. Janet Brown, a nationally recognized authority on the natural reversal of osteoporosis who is cited in this article, is based in Syracuse and also sees clients weekly in Ithaca.)

——Dr. Pierre

to read the article, click:

The pH Nutrition Guide to Acid/Alkaline Balance

willie-gault Willie Gault is still racing around at 48

This is an extremely inspiring article and it challenges our typical ideas about aging and diminishing function. If you’re an athlete, you’ll love it!

Click here to read the article

May Core-Strengthening Classes
Tentatively scheduled for Saturday 5/23 at 10 AM
and Thursday 5/28 mid-day. (Call or ask at front desk) 

Learn an amazing ab/core strengthening program in a small group setting.  Previous attendees have raved about it.

“These seven exercises are absolutely wonderful: energizing, gentle and individual. I’ve been using them every morning and my chiropractic care has hugely benefited as well as my daily routine.” Kate, age 26.

“The exercises I learned at Dr. Pierre’s core strengthening class have been increasing my progress in chiropractic care. I feel more energized and stronger each day. My breathing is easier and deeper. After the 7 moves my head is clear and ready for the day.” MJ, age 50. 

If you spend 5 to 15 minutes a day doing these fun exercises, you can completely transform how you feel and function for the rest of your life.

In 30 years of looking, this is the best and most fun way to improve your core strength. This class is for anyone who wants to:

  • eliminate most forms of residual back pain.
  • speed up and enhance the transformation of their spine via the ABC unwinding process.
  • Greatly enhance their body’s FUNCTIONAL strength for any type of activity.
  • Look and feel like a million bucks!
To sign up for this  70-minute class, please CALL the office at 277-2570. The cost for these small classes, where I make sure you “get it” is $20.
Welcome to our New Practice Members from February, March and April!
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