Lupus Success Story

Here is one of this week’s success stories:


lupus_successI began treatment in August 2011 for chronic lower back and neck pain that would flare up and abate depending upon my level of physical activity. A year ago I developed a nagging pain in my right tricep muscle that I assumed I had torn lifting weights. In addition, I was diagnosed with a condition called skin lupus in August 2010. Because this is classified as an autoimmune disorder, there is no known cure. Classic characteristics of this disorder include redness on the face, hands, arms and neck excessively dry skin and a heightened sensitivity to extremes in temperature. My dermatologist said to stay out of the sun, gave me an arsenal of topical products to calm the constant itching and dryness, offered steroids to suppress my immune system (which I rejected) and otherwise told me I would have to live with this condition. My only hope was that it would go into remission. When I began treatment for my back and neck pain, I had no idea the skin problem would also improve. While there is still a bit of redness on my hands, all other areas have returned to normal. Not only did my back, neck and arm pain cease completely, but, and this is the best part, the itching and dryness associated with the lupus condition has also stopped completely. We are so conditioned to taking medications that simply ‘mask’ the problems that seeking alternative methods for relief are often overlooked or dismissed as worthless. A nervous system housed in a misaligned spinal column cannot nourish all the organs properly. Once its function is restored and pathways are unblocked, the body goes about its business ‘fixing’ weakened or improperly functioning systems. Spinal Wellness makes sense. We are fortunate to have this facility in our area.