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Happy New Year!

We are excited to feature in this newsletter the story of our practice member, Nancy Tomlinson, as well the results of an interesting study about the effects of “Hunched Posture”. Also you can read my thoughts about the effects of car seats on children’s spines.

Do not miss my only core-strengthening class in January or the chance to win a free massage! (see below)

To a happy and healthy new year,
Dr. Pierre

In This Issue

  • Featured Practice Member
  • “Hunched Posture” Predicts Early Death
  • Athletes Perform Better
  • Car Seats
  • January Core-strengthening Class
  • Welcome New Practice Members!
 Our Featured Practice Member: Nancy Tomlinson

35 years ago, migraine headaches became a part of my life.  With each passing decade, they increased in frequency and intensity until I felt physically disabled.  Over the years, I used drugs, self-hypnosis, acupuncture, massage, reflexology, meditation, exercise, diet, supplements, vitamins, and a week’s stay at a chronic pain clinic to attempt to get my life back.  Nothing worked for long.

By the time I heard about The Spinal Wellness Clinic and ABC therapy, I was not only having crippling headaches, but was overweight, listless, depressed, unable to sleep well, suffered joint and back pains with neck problems, poor digestion, and an increasing mental negativity that cast a pall over not only my life, but my family’s lives as well.

After 2 months of spinal adjustments from Pierre, my migraines have diminished in both intensity and frequency and are still dwindling, my energy level is much higher (particularly days after I use the chi machine!), I sleep more soundly, my digestion is better, and the pains in my knees, hips, back and neck are less than half of what they were.  Possibly the best result of this treatment however, is a brightening of my mental perspective that develops as I feel better physically.  I’m no longer weighed down by a negative outlook, and the future looks exciting again. My sisters tell me that my appearance has improved, and my husband is astonished that I’ve gained almost ½” in height.  I love that the “hump” on the back of my neck is diminishing too. I feel that I’m truly getting my life back.

I thought when I began this therapy that I’d be ecstatic if my migraines disappeared or were even lessened, and just that result would be more than worth whatever it cost in discomfort, inconvenience, time, effort and money.  But I’m experiencing improvement in more areas than I ever imagined could be affected by the adjustments, and I am convinced that a healthy, properly aligned spine is improving the function and efficiency of virtually every system in my body. Even the seasonal affective disorder that made every winter an ordeal, has faded this year.  I continue to be astonished at the efficacy of ABC therapy and am anxious to see how much better I feel and perform as the adjustments continue.

Nancy Tomlinson
December 15, 2008

hunched-posture “Hunched Posture” Predicts Early Death This is truly an amazing and important study, published in a major medical journal. Everyone knows about the damaging effects of smoking; having a bent forward upper spine is in the same class. — Dr. PierreHyperkyphotic Posture Predicts Mortality in Older Community-Dwelling Men and Women: A Prospective Study
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
From: Volume 52 Issue 10, October 2004, Page 1662
Deborah M. Kado, MD; Ms. Mei-Hua Huang; DrPH; Arun S. Karlamangla, MD, PhD; Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, MD and Gail A. Greendale, MD.1. This study of 1,353 participants followed for an average of 4.2 years shows that hyperkyphosis [i.e., hunched over spine, the posture usually seen in un-corrected older spines] is not primarily caused by osteoporosis.
2. Hyperkyphotic posture is more common in men than women (44% in men, 22% of women).
3. Hyperkyphosis is frequently observed in older persons.
4. In the study, persons with even slight hyperkyphosis had a 1.44 times greater rate of mortality than those without hyperkyphotic posture.
5. Hyperkyphosis is significantly associated with deaths due to atherosclerosis.
6. Hyperkyphosis increased deaths due to atherosclerosis by 2.4 times.
7. In these seniors, the greater the hyperkyphotic posture, the greater the rates of death.
8. The hyperkyphotic posture reflects an increased rate of physiological aging. [Very Important] 9. Atherosclerosis and hyperkyphosis have a common underlying pathology. My explanation is: Hyperkyphosis puts increased pressure on the heart, not allowing it to pump efficiently, causing blood stasis which contributes to atherosclerosis.
10. Hyperkyphotic posture predicts increased mortality.
11. Interventions specifically targeted at improving hyperkyphotic posture could result in reduced mortality rates.” [Ya think?]

The reason this didn’t make the evening news is that up until now, there has been no consistent way to correct hyperkyphosis. If you are under care at this office, you probably  know differently.
The earlier in life you detect and correct these things, the easier it is to do, and the more health the person gets to enjoy. Get your teenaged friends checked, PLEASE!

Athletes Perform Better
Athletes-01In one study of fifty athletes, 25 received Chiropractic care and 25 athletes served as controls. They used 11 separate tests to measure different aspects of athletic ability. After 6 weeks, the chiropractic group had shown an 18% improvement in eye-hand coordination, while the control group had only shown a 1% response. After 12 weeks, the Chiropractic group had exhibited more than 30% improvement.

Lauro A. Mouch B. Chiropractic: The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation. 1991; 6:84-87.

CAR SEATScar-seat Having just seen how lousy my 6 year old daughter Angelina looked the days after a long car ride home in a snowstorm, I decide to share some information with you.You may wonder how subluxation (spinal distortions that the body cannot self correct) happen to children at an early age. Having two kids myself, I have seen one major culprit: falling asleep in car seats! When compared to an adult, a child’s head is disproportionately large relative to strength of their neck. You let that 3 to 7 pound head dangle forward and bounce around as the car goes down the road, and it is almost certain that the 7th cervical or the first  couple thoracic vertebra, or all three, will be pulled forward.

What happens if you just leave it that way? You’ll grow up like many kids today who have this little stair-step deformity at the base of their neck that affects them now (in ways you would likely not believe), and leads to even bigger problems down the road.

Solution? Make sure their head is supported if they do fall asleep. You  can do this a number of ways  for young children.  Personally, by age 5,  I let Angelina lie down if it was late and we both knew she was going to go to sleep, putting the seat belt around her waist and a pillow under her head. You may disagree with the legality of this, but I personally feel she is safer lying down (with a belt so she doesn’t fly around in case of an impact) than with her head drooping down, where even a minor jolt is almost certain to cause damage.

So what happened with Angelina this time?  When I finally adjusted her (I get lazy sometimes) she popped up like a jack-in-the- box, her smile and facial color came back instantly, the circles under her eyes disappeared, and her energy was back to its normal ebullience. Papa got a big hug. If you’ve ever had a soon to be 7 year old daughter, you KNOW she spent time in front of the mirror checking herself out!

More on making car seats work in the next issue….

January Core-Strengthening Class



Learn an amazing ab/core strengthening program in a small group setting.  Previous attendees have raved about it.

“These seven exercises are absolutely wonderful: energizing, gentle and individual. I’ve been using them every morning and my chiropractic care has hugely benefited as well as my daily routine.” Kate, age 26.

“The exercises I learned at Dr. Pierre’s core strengthening class have been increasing my progress in chiropractic care. I feel more energized and stronger each day. My breathing is easier and deeper. After the 7 moves my head is clear and ready for the day. MJ, age 50. 

If you spend 5 to 15 minutes a day doing these fun exercises, you can completely transform how you feel and function for the rest of your life.

In 30 years of looking, this is the best and most fun way to improve your core strength. This class is for anyone who wants to:

  • eliminate most forms of residual back pain.
  • speed up and enhance the transformation of their spine via the ABC unwinding process.
  • Greatly enhance their body’s FUNCTIONAL strength for any type of activity.
  • Look and feel like a million bucks!
To sign up for this class, please CALL the office at 277-2570. The cost for these small classes, where I make sure you “get it” is $20.
Welcome to our New Practice Members!
Ana G. – Cornell University
PJ B. – Ithaca, NY 

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Joseph B. – Ithaca, NY

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