November 2008 Newsletter

Spinal Wellness Center Newsletter

Welcome to our first e-newsletter! It has great articles about our administrative assistant, Sophie Alexander, our featured practice member, Rosalie Borzik as well as articles about how chiropractic care can influence your life. I hope you enjoy them.

In This Issue

  • All About Sophie
  • Practice Member of the Month
  • Chronic Back Pain Causes Brain Shrinkage
  • Chiropractic for a Healthier, Happier Child
Our Featured Practice Member 

featured-memberIt has been less than 5 weeks since I first came to see Dr. Pierre for treatment to reduce the deep aching pain in my back, across my shoulder blades and the pins and needles and burning pain I had in one or both arms. I hated waking up in the morning with those symptoms!My body felt like a rubber band twisted to its limits and my upper body was leaning forward.Today I am more upright, breathe easier and the aches are becoming a distant memory.

The concept of ABC makes sense to me and the changes I have experienced confirm that. I wish that I had discovered this 25 years ago when my troubles began, but at least now I feel like I am regaining control of my life – pain is no longer in the driver’s seat!


Rosalie Borzik; 10-17-08

Chronic Back Pain Causes Brain Shrinkage

brain-picThe Journal of Neuroscience brings sobering news to chronic back pain sufferers. Scientists found that even one year of chronic back pain can age the brain 10 to 20 years. 26 people with chronic, continuous pain of more than a year were compared with 26 healthy people. The researchers theorized that the stress of chronic pain causes “burnout shrinkage”. But that may not be a life sentence. Shrinkage does not always equal loss of brain cells and shrinkage may reverse once the chronic pain ends. (5) Can chiropractic reverse the damage? Chiropractors success with chronic conditions is well known. Apparently “learning to live with it” may cause serious long-term problems. If you know anyone with a chronic condition please advise them to explore chiropractic – their pain and their brain will thank them.

5. Apkarian V, Sosa Y, Sonty S et al. Chronic back pain is associated with decreased prefrontal and thalamic gray matter density. J of Neuroscience. 2004;24(46):10410-10415.

Chiropractic for a Happier, Healthier Child
healthy-child Want a happier, healthier child? Bring them in for a chiropractic spinal checkup. Chiropractors locate and correct vertebral subluxations in children’s spines, reducing posture, nerve and spinal stresses. For over a hundred years parents, clinicians and researchers have noticed improvements in physical health, behavior and emotional states of children following chiropractic care.  Among the observed effects of subluxation correction are improvements in emotional, behavioral and neurological problems such as asthma, anxiety, inability to concentrate, hyperactivity, dyslexia, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, discipline problems and even low grades. (1-4). In our office recently, we had a young man whose signs and symptoms of a serious neurological disorder disappeared after 6 adjustments. How did this happen? None of his previous doctors were trained in finding, locating and correcting spinal distortions (subluxations) that affect the function of the human nervous system.References
1. Walton EV. Chiropractic Effectiveness with emotional, learning and behavorial impairments. International Review of Chiropractic. 1975;29:2-5;21-22.
2. Giesen, JM, Center DB & Leach RA. An evaluation of chiropractic manipulation as a treatment of hyperactivity in children. JMPT. 1989;12:353-363.
3. Thomas E. Mathews MO. A pilot study of applied kinesiology in helping children with learning disabilities. British Osteopathic Journal. 1993:XII.
4. Marshall LT. Chiropractic success in a reform school report of state supervisor of chiropractors of Kentucky in connection with Kentucky houses of reform, Greendale, Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky, December 1, 1931;7.
SATURDAY NOV. 8th 10:00 AM

Learn an amazing ab/core strengthening program in a small group setting.  Previous attendees have raved about it.

“These seven exercises are absolutely wonderful: energizing, gentle and individual. I’ve been using them every morning and my chiropractic care has hugely benefited as well as my daily routine.” Kate, age 26.

“The exercises I learned at Dr. Pierre’s core strengthening class have been increasing my progress in chiropractic care. I feel more energized and stronger each day. My breathing is easier and deeper. After the 7 moves my head is clear and ready for the day. MJ, age 50. 

If you spend 5 to 25 minutes a day doing these fun exercises, you can completely transform how you feel and function for the rest of your life.
In 30 years of looking, this is the best and most fun way to improve your core strength. This class is for anyone who wants to: 
  • eliminate most forms of residual back pain.
  • speed up and enhance the transformation of their spine via the ABC unwinding process.
  • Greatly enhance their body’s FUNCTIONAL strength for any type of activity.
  • Look and feel like a million bucks!
 To sign up for these classes, please CALL the office at 277-2570. The cost for these small classes, where I make sure you “get it” is $20. 
Check out our Website Updates!

If you have not been to our website in awhile,, you are in for a treat. Half of our new practice members find us on the web. (We think they Google “cool places to be in Ithaca” :-)). We don’t have a new staff photo yet, but we have great new photos and stories on the “Testimonials” page and new links on the “Links” page.

The best part is the NEW page for our sitting/standing/sleeping instructions. (Many thanks to Marcel Gremaud, age 15, for being cameraman on these videos!) Now it is easier than ever to see if you are taking care of yourself outside the office to maximize your spinal correction and save time and money!

Please visit our newly enhanced website (already used by ABC practitioners around the country) and pass it on to your friends and loved ones whom you would like to see enjoy a healthier life.

Please remember if you have a friend or family member that is needlessly suffering OR just wants to live a healthier, happier life, please pass this newsletter along to them. Tell them, if they call the office and mention this newsletter, they are entitled to a complimentary, no obligation, hassle-free consultation with me, so that I can tell them what is causing their health problems and if I can correct it.
All you have to do is ask!Thank you for your support.

Pierre Gremaud
Spinal Wellness Center