Immune system improves

As I have said many times before, I have the greatest job in the world. Every day, I get to introduce wonderful people to a technology that they never knew existed, a system that restores their health to a level they were led to believe was never possible for them.

Today we received this letter from a wonderful young woman who has made enormous improvements in her health. To say that she looks a lot better than when she started here would be an understatement. (Thank you, Jaclyn, for generously sharing your story .)

People such as Jaclyn do not need drugs, they need to find  a doctor who knows how to get their body working properly again.To find out how such a thing is possible, give our office a call. Here is her story:

I have gone to the Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca on and off for the past year and a half. Besides minimized migraines (which were quite severe), better physical structure, and lower pain throughout the day, my immune system has majorly improved. I am now 28 and from adolescence through young adulthood, I have been diagnosed with a full range of autoimmune disorders. None [of these diagnoses or treatments]  assisted with the symptoms to any major degree.

I work in the education system, so unfortunately with a poor immune system, that makes you easily susceptible to the many germs floating around. My first two years in a district I had to take between 5-7 sick days because I felt as if I couldn’t get out of bed, etc., or had severe sinus infections. This year, I have noticed a substantial improvement in my health. I have not had one sinus infection this school year (had 6 I believe last year), and have only had to take one sick day. The work that Dr. Pierre and Dr. Jason do is the real deal. I highly, highly recommend this office! It has changed my life.

—   Jaclyn