A mother of two suffers through 3 years of constant pain before finding the Spinal Wellness Center

100_3779“My experience with Pierre and Jason has been amazing to say the least. I arrived in their office eight months ago. This was a last ditch effort to find an answer for the pain I was experiencing. I have struggled with ongoing back issues my whole life due to a hip click and slight scoliosis. After the birth of my first child six years ago, the pain became worse. I had difficulty participating in everyday activities. I took pain medication daily. After the birth of my second child three years ago, the pain became unbearable. I was constantly aching, depressed and loosing hope. Holding my children was so difficult for me.
In the last six years, I have gone to four different chiropractors who gave me NO relief. In fact, they made my condition much worse. I questioned surgery…
I was referred to the Spinal Wellness Center in February of this year. I was skeptical of going to another doctor. I now had headaches daily, could barely stand up straight and felt very old and frustrated.
Pierre and Jason have literally “saved” me. I have seen such an incredible improvement in the last six months. I am headache free and nearly pain free. I am back to exercising, hiking, playing with my children and feel like I have my life back. I truly owe my health and a happy and positive future to them. I am more than thankful. I am more than confident in their ABC™ techniques!”
-Tiana , now a happy and pain free mother of two!