If you hate chiropractors, you need to read this

There is no hype or nonsense here. Just validated results such as this one from Danielle. This is NOT a once-in-a-while-if-we-get-lucky type of thing. This is an everyday occurrence here, and we show you how and why.

acne solution

For the last 10 years of my life, I have been living with constant hip, neck, lower back, and knee pain, with heightened irritation when being physically active. After 3 weeks of adjustments at the Spinal Wellness Center, my muscles are loosening up. I no longer tilt my head to the right side of my body, and my neck, knee, back and hip pain have decreased tremendously. My lingering digestive and acne symptoms have decreased dramatically and I feel much more capable to do the work I love.

I work with youth in the woods everyday, teaching ancestral, naturalist skills and the heath of my body is crucial for the physical activity I do on a daily basis. I have already received such positive feedback from friends (who are massage therapists) who have seen my blue eye color deeper, can feel and see my softer muscles and broader shoulders. They can see how effortlessly I can hold my shoulders up and the shift I have had in my personality and presence. It feels wonderful to have my body back and to feel my full bodily potential.

—– Danielle