February 2010 Newsletter

Spinal Wellness Center Newsletter

It is gearing up to be a great year here at SWC! We are excited to be offering new classes and workshops at the office. Throughout February we will be having Wednesday information nights, “The ABC’s of ABC” for anyone interested. Please help spread the word! (More information below). I will begin teaching Trauma Release Exercises, a powerful technique that I am excited to share. Also Dr. Jason will be teaching two core strengthening classes in February, the dates listed below.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2010.

Happy reading,
Dr. Pierre

In This Issue

  • Our Featured Practice Member: Kathleen Morrow
  • Office Success Stories
  • Wednesday Information Nights
  • Trauma Release Exercises
  • February Core-strengthening Classes
  • SWC on Facebook!
  • Welcome New Practice Members!
Our Featured Practice Member: Kathleen Morrow

When I first came to Spinal Wellness I had been suffering for 3 1/2 years with chronic pelvic pain that had made my life unmanageable. Once I began treatment my pelvic pain began to dissipate with each treatment. I still have some pain, but after an adjustment I feel much better for the week or so.

I feel more energetic, positive and well since coming to Spinal Wellness. I highly recommend this form of chiropractic to anyone who suffers any type of pain.

My life is much more manageable without the pain I was suffering from. Thanks to Spinal Wellness!

Office Success Stories

Chiropractic is the largest drugless health profession in the world. It is used by the large majority of professional athletes and celebrities.


It works by removing interference from the communication lines between the brain and the body (freeing the Nervous System). We get to see miraculous changes in people every day we practice.

In addition to Kathleen’s story above, here are SOME success stories of the past few weeks:


·        The Cornell PhD student who not only has moved 50 points up the structural stability scale, but is now off all anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication, and hopes to soon get off of ADHD medicine with the help of a recommended nutritionist.


·        The 63-year old woman, who not only has changed the structure of her body so that she is out of constant pain and looks great, but who states, “I haven’t had a cold since I started care here.”


·        The 69-year old retired math teacher who came in all stooped over and with such alarmingly discouraging X-rays that Dr. Pierre was not at all optimistic that we could help her. She wanted to give it a try anyway. Dr. Jason worked his magic with her for 5 weeks and her 2-week trip to Europe (with lots of walking!) went beautifully with no pain at all. She is now on maintenance care and is happy as can be. In 10 years, let’s hope there will be ABC™ doctors all over so that she won’t have to drive an hour and a half to get adjusted properly. Great job, Dr. Jason! The difficult he does right away; the impossible apparently take him 5 weeks.


·        The 55-year old woman who has not used her usual Claritin since she began corrective chiropractic care in November and who now looks and feels years younger.


·        The 64-year old who had suffered with migraines for 20-plus years and who lived by taking Nortriptyline. Very tricky case because of previous surgeries and some other “confounding variables”, as they say, but by following all of our recommendations (THANK YOU!!!) and by the grace of God, she is remarkably headache-free even with the holiday travel.

There are many more, but you get the picture! 


This type of thing is happening in certified ABC™ offices around the English-speaking world. The science of effectively analyzing and correcting bodies is there, but it might take another generation to come to the fore.

We are right here in Ithaca. Be a hero to someone you know and pass this information on to him or her. Both of you will be glad you took the time to do so!

 Wednesday Night Information Nights!

“How do I know if my spine is healthy (and why should I care?)”
The ABC’s of ABC!

5:30 PM Wednesdays 1/27 through 2/24

For everyone who you have been wanting to introduce to our office, but were not sure how! I will cover the basics of spinal health and show the parameters of spinal distress. No one will be bored because I’ll be demonstrating on YOUR friends, on THEIR bodies, so they can have some reality on what is REALLY going on in their bodies.
Help spread the word about this 45 minute presentation! Your friends and family will learn something new about their body and they’ll thank you for it.PLUS, in appreciation for attending the class, they’ll receive a gift in the form of a large discount on their initial exam, should they wish to begin care at our office.
Thanks for your help in getting out the word about the technology of ABC. It is spreading around the world through great people such as you.
Trauma Release Exercises

trauma-exercise I’m always on the lookout to find new things to help us all get healthier and be like kids again.

A large part of this involves overcoming injuries and traumas that overwhelm our body-mind’s ability to process events and recover our innate wellness. The first 14 years of my practice revolved around a form of chiropractic that wakes up long-dormant reflexes that enable people to release deep seated tensions and move spontaneously in a rhythmic spinal wave. I have been blessed to witness this many thousands of times in my career, and in 1996 this office took part in a large scale research project that validated the long-term wellness benefits of this type of care.

Recently, a good friend and colleague of mine introduced me to the Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) of David Berceli, Ph.D. Dr. Berceli has written two books on his work and has achieved world wide acclaim in the field of trauma recovery. He has an excellent website at www.traumaprevention.com. I highly recommend you check out this site.

Dr. Berceli developed these exercises as a means of recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder for veterans and disaster victims, but they have great applicability for everyone and will leave you feeling wonderful. TRE ‘s positive response is only enhanced when people are under spinal corrective care, so you folks are lucky! The exercises are easy to learn and perform and the results are guaranteed to get your attention.

Dr. Jason and I love this stuff and are eager to share it with you. The first class will be held in our office before you get this newsletter and we are hoping to have many more. If the interest is there, we will need a larger site so we welcome your suggestions.

Look for more sign-up sheets in the office.

February Core-Strengthening Classes 
with Dr. Jason
Thursdays February 11th and 25th ;  NOON to 1:15 PM.

Learn an amazing ab/core strengthening program in a small group setting.  Previous attendees have raved about it.

“These seven exercises are absolutely wonderful: energizing, gentle and individual. I’ve been using them every morning and my chiropractic care has hugely benefited as well as my daily routine.” Kate, age 26.

“The exercises I learned at the core strengthening class have been increasing my progress in chiropractic care. I feel more energized and stronger each day. My breathing is easier and deeper. After the 7 moves my head is clear and ready for the day.” MJ, age 50. 

If you spend 5 to 15 minutes a day doing these fun exercises, you can completely transform how you feel and function for the rest of your life.

In 30 years of looking, this is the easiest and most fun way to improve your core strength. This class is for anyone who wants to:

  • eliminate most forms of residual back pain.
  • speed up and enhance the transformation of their spine via the ABC unwinding process.
  • Greatly enhance their body’s FUNCTIONAL strength for any type of activity.
  • Look and feel like a million bucks!
To sign up for this 70-minute class, please CALL the office at 277-2570. The cost for these small classes, where I make sure you “get it” is $20.
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Welcome to our New Practice Members from December and January!

Rose B.

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Randy M.

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Mitch K. – Ithaca, NY


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April L. – Ovid, NY


Eileen W.- Salt Lake City, UT

Mike L. – Ithaca, NY


We reach the public through referrals from great practice members like YOU!

pierre-gremaudSincerely,  Pierre Gremaud, DC
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