Year long cough GONE in one visit

Jacobson, JoAnn 10-1-13 This is one of the best clinical cases of the past few months. JoAnn came in with a chief complaint of hip and low back pain and, even more alarming, feeling increasingly unsteady on her feet, to the point where she had fallen several times in the past year.

After a thorough consultation, exam, and a very successful first treatment, she looked and felt much more upright and symmetric.

When she came in the next day for her follow up, she looked like the Cheshire cat. I asked her how she felt, and she replied, “Well, I wasn’t going to mention it to you until a few more days to make sure, but I have to tell you… I have had a painful  cough every morning for the past year. My medical doctor took X-rays, ran me through a battery of test, but couldn’t find anything. Today I woke up and it was gone!”

I t has been a week now and the cough is still a thing of the past.  If you want to learn how such a thing is possible, come in and ask to watch our educational DVD, which graphically demonstrates our work and how we achieve these types of results on  a consistent basis. We love our patients to kno0w what we are doing, WHY we are doing it, and where they are in the process.

ONE WEEK UPDATE: JoAnn came in today after her weekend and reported that she unloaded and stacked a cord of wood with no pain for the first time in “15 or 20 YEARS!”