Athlete overcomes years of plantar fasciitis to win

triathlete ABC™ corrects people’s bodies all over the world. Here is a great “overcoming years of plantar fasciitis”  story from a world-class athlete who was under care from a colleague down in Nyack, NY.

I have an old story that you may be interested in.

In Feb 09 a patient was referred to me who was having a terrible time with plantar fascitis. She was an elite amateur athlete in the triathlon event and was at that time ranked 15th in the world in her age bracket of 45-49 years of age. Her intake interview was mostly about how much pain her body was in while training and that her next event in Australia 3 months from then was going to be her final event and she would retire. She regretted that she would retire without ever winning a world class event although she was always in the top 10.

 After examining her I told her that I believed I could help her in the 3 months we had to work with but it would be close and she would have to be treated 3-5 times a week. Then the real story came out that her first husband was a chiropractor and used her as a practice patient and destroyed her body over years and she was scared to death to let me even touch her.

She was very analytical as well as knowledgeable about anatomy and listened intently as I explained the whole process and theory of ABC™ as well as my own story (which you can find back in 2007 posts). She allowed me to begin tmt and I did her first AMR which rattled her cage a bit, but when she stood up, her clearly kyphotic lumbar spine was just as clearly now lorditic in its curve. We were both blown away by that and I went on to treat her as often as possible for the next three months.

During this time she improved in many different ways which she always delighted in telling me, but still was plagued by her debilitating PF. It was finally down to the last week and she was leaving Thursday morning to Australia and we were both concerned but still hopeful.

Every Tuesday from about noon to 2pm Dr. Jesse treats anybody who shows up in Greenwich Ct. and essentially holds mini seminars as he treats mostly docs, but also any of our patients on whom we want second opinions. I brought Jeanette as a hail Mary play and hoped Jesse could pull a rabbit out of his hat on this last day. As he proceeded through the protocol commenting on his thoughts along the way, he did an L5 release that you could hear in the kitchen. When she stood up, Jeanette’s face said it all. No pain while jumping up and down and as a bonus, her thumbs which had both been weak her entire adult life, now felt strong.

Jeanette went on to win her category in Sydney (her first win at that level of competition) and moved in rank from 15 to number 4. She went on to win every event she entered that year including the New York City triathlon. At age 50 she turned pro, moved to California (much to my dismay. She was personally responsible for close to half my practice by then) runs her own school for triathletes.

Bruce Ruderman, DC