Cornell Student Finds Relief From Acid Reflux and Motility Issues with Chiropractic Care

I have a 21 year old female Cornell student who reported to our office to try and find relief from acid reflux and sluggish bowel motility.

girlShe had upwards of 30 waves of severe nausea per day, ear pain, and severe stomach pain. She was on 6 different medications (all with side effects).

Her exact words to me on her initial appointment were, “I basically cannot do anything. Because I can’t eat, I have no energy for moving or thinking.”

After 2 weeks of care and 6 visits, she has already dropped her medication for her reflux and motility issues.  This young woman has been dependent on these medicines daily for the past 3 years.  She is very happy to see her body functions normalizing. 

People reading this blog post may be curious how Chiropractic Care can affect issues with the internal organs like reflux and constipation.  The answer is simple and it involves two mechanisms, mechanics and neurology.   A spine that is collapsing and folding forward onto itself will put a lot more pressure on the internal organs.  Also, the nerves that are housed in the spinal column will be twisted and stretched, compromising the nerve impulses that need to travel to the various cells of the body.  When cells lose optimal flow of nerve impulse they cannot regulate and maintain themselves nearly as well.  This sets up an environment in our cells that is ripe for pathology.

There is no reason to continually poison your body with medicines and chemicals when you are suffering from a problem caused by faulty body structure.  Get your spine checked today and see how much better your body will work. As another new and previously skeptical person said to us yesterday after feeling the results from his first ABC™ adjustment: “This is a really big deal.”