A 65 year old man plays some of his best basketball thanks in part to the Spinal Wellness Center!

A 65 year old man who is a member of our practice came in for an adjustment last week.  He was raving about how good he performed in a masters basketball tournament in Florida.  He went on and on about how effortless his body moved up and down the court.   He actually said that no one in his age group or the next younger age group (60-65) could run the court as well as he did.  He was getting to all the loose balls and rebounds a step faster than everyone else.  He said ” I can’t remember when my body last felt this way.  This must be what my body felt like when I was 35!”

When this gentleman started care at our office 9 months ago, he had a chronic hamstring strain and some chronic pain from an old sacrum fracture that was preventing him from playing basketball.  His posture was horrible, he had a collapsed  chest, a twisted pelvis, and his head was stuck forward about 4 inches too far.  Now after 9 months of corrective spine care at the Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca, most of the twist in his pelvis in gone and his hamstring is completely functional.

What made the difference in his healing? The answer is structural correction.  His pelvis was so rotated that his injured hamstring had to work much harder than his other hamstring.  No amount of strengthening or flexibility work could get it to compensate well enough for his structural misalignment.  Especially during highly dynamic activities like playing full court basketball.

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic sports injuries that are preventing one from enjoying a favorite sport or activity, please get an appointment at the Spinal Wellness Center of.  Life is too short to not be doing what you love.