50-year old teacher finds anti-aging chiropractic

FHP correction X-rayI began my Spinal Wellness journey when Dr. Jason’s son was in my class. Dr. Jason noticed my forward head posture from years of bending over to make eye contact with 3 yr. olds. I had accepted my pain and posture because I believed it was caused by the aging process. I have been under Dr. Jason’s care now for 6 months, and I am standing straighter, have little if any neck pain and feeling a fantastic energy increase.

I used to wear Danskos and never thought that I could wear shoes without arch supports again. But to my disbelief, I am wearing shoes without arches… with no pain!

Best of all, I am told that I look younger! Imagine that, Anti-aging chiropractic care!

I love the kindness of the office staff. They are so caring. Cate and Deanna are such a big part of making my spinal wellness a positive experience. Dr. Jason has changed my body and my outlook on healthy aging. He is amazing! I am blessed to have found him at Spinal Wellness. Thank you Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca!!

—– Julie, age 52